Sunday, March 25, 2007

What is left for the great chain master?

I just want to thank everyone again for reading this blog and for posting comments. I am going to try my hardest to keep this updated at least 5 times a week and I am also going to try to make sure I respond to most of the comments posted.
I noticed a comment on one of my older postings...what chains haven't you been to that you would like to try? Well, amazingly there are so many. I pretty much have been to all the chains that have locations in the northeast with the exception of some of the steak ones that I plan on hitting up by the end of May. Many chains do not have outposts near NY so I have not been able to go. A positive thing is that I get to travel for my other job (I know I actually have a full time job and do not spend my days only blogging about and or eating at chain restaurants). Anyway I hope in my travels I will be able to go to most of these chains and tell you all about them.
Here is my list of chains I really want to go to and haven't yet.
1) Buca di Beppo - they always went on the Real World Vegas and it looked really good. There was one when I lived in DC but I guess I was too busy eating at Baja Fresh and Chipotle to go. I also read that Vinny T's in Boston became this but not it is Bertucci's or something. Too much to keep up with.
2) Roy's - There is actually one in NY so I am sure I will go soon. My brother said he would go with me. You always see this place advertised in airplane magazines. I think it looks good and different even though the menu seems a bit limited.
3) Bubba Gump Shrimp Company - A restaurant based on a movie, brilliant! There is one in Times Sq so there is no excuse for not going except that it is only like 2 blocks from Red Lobster so I always to there. Food Snob said she will come with me to this one.
4) Cozymel's Mexican - No real comments about this one, I just need to go.
5) Carrabba's Italian - I think there is on in Staten Island according to my brother so maybe cousin could hit up this place with me.
6) Ruth's Chris Steakhouse - I know, I know, how is this possible, but it is true. I am going very soon so I will be able to take this one off of the list. I know I am going to love it because I hear the steaks are smoothered in butter -- yum.
7) Morton's - I just never heard great things about this place so I never really felt the need to go.
8) Bonefish Grille - They are starting to open more in the NE so I am sure I will be there soon.
9) Rockbottom Brewery - Again another one in the DC area I did not go to that I always see on the Real World. This time it is the Real World Denver. Interested that the sluttiest Real World seasons (Denver and Vegas) are also the ones where the cast is always eating at a chain restaurant.

10) Hooters - I heard they have good wings. Maybe I will take a client here.


steve said...

It seems you are missing out on all the good chain restaurants. Spend some money and go to the better ones.

Cousin said...

Rock-bottom I have been to a number of times in DC and its not very good. They have ok beers that they brew on-site but the food leaves something to be desired. I mean, they have soft pretzels as an appetizer on their menus. Sure its different than most places, but was anyone really wondering why soft pretzels were not appetizers?
Bucca Di Beppo is really good actually. Def. up there for best Italian chain. They serve family style like at Carmine's (Our Family Favorite!) Vinny T's, on the other hand, is not very good. I ate there for the first time recently in Boston and was not a fan at all. In fact, every time I've been to Boston since only request is that we not eat at Vinny T's because it is too obviously fake Italian food. Everything on their menu is missing that extra little twist that would make it different from any other Italian place you've been to. It was like eating at the Sbarro Buffet.

Brian said...

I used to love Vinny Testas. They had a great sampling of Italian food, with humongous portions for all to share. My parents loved going there when they visited me early in college. But by my senior year, the quality had slipped - probably about the same time the portions were made smaller and the menu options lessened.

For another excellent Italian chain, try Johnny Carinos. I discovered one near my new home in the San Diego area, but they have restaurants in Jersey and (I believe) in the Beltway. Like the original Vinny T's, they have plentiful portions with a diverse menu. I strongly recomend their Spicy Romano Chicken, which has artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms and pasta tossed in a cayenne pepper sauce.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - this comment isn't really about this post - its about the title/intro paragraph of this blog.

Let me premise this by saying that I think this is a hilarious and awesome idea. I chuckle every time I think about it. But, you left something CRUCIAL off the opening paragraph about why people LOVE chain restaurants! - FREE REFILLS!

Almost no-other restaurants give you free refills, but I don't think I have ever been to a chain restaurant that doesn't bombard you with huge drinks and plentiful refills. Just THINKING about that is making me thirsty!

Just my $0.02.

- David from NEO :)

Rori said...

Brian, I totally agree with your Vinny T's assessment. It used to be so good and a great place to go with you family or a birthday but by senior year it just started sucking. I looked up that Carinos place and it looks really good and they have some in Jersey so I am going to try to go there soon.

David, you are right about the free refills. Thanks for adding that point. I appreicate the input.