Thursday, March 29, 2007

Gordon Biersch - A New Fav!

I knew it! Atlanta really is a chain food culinary destination. They have a plethora of chain food options from fast food to coffee chains to nice sit down restaurants. Today's posting will feature one of my new favorite chains, Gordon Biersch. This place is really awesome, it has nice casual elegance feel to it. This was not my first time there, I was lucky enough to have gone in both DC and Vegas. When I saw that one was in Atlanta too I said yipee and made sure to drag my colleague there with me. Also it was kind of fate that brought me there because it turns out it was really close to one of our appointments.

I would describe the menu as eclectic American. Their special thing is that they brew their own beer in these big metal things with red lights that look like they could be in a scene from 24. Anyway I am not a big beer drinker really, I mean $1.00 beers taste just as good as any premium lager to me so when I come here I am more concerned with the food. But, since it was a brewery I thought I should order one. What was so nice was that the waiter actually let me sample a beer I was interested in to see if I would like it or not. I got a heffenwizen (not sure how to spell that). It was good, kind of like Blue Moon but I still like Blue Moon better. Besides beer they have a very extensive drink menu that I wish I would have tried. Oh well, an excuse to go back again.

So let's move on to the food. I got this awesome appetizer that was hummus and all these other spreads and came with this yummy "European Flat Bread." It was a really large portion and really tasty. I really recommend it.

For my main course I got Sweet and Spicy Chicken Cashew Stir Fir. Wow, wow, wow! It was awesome, a nice sized portion, great sauce, good veggies and rice! It was tasty and I kind of think it was relatively healthy. I would totally get it again. I have also tried the Chicken Marsala here and it was also very tasty. They have lots of pasta and chicken dishes that sound good like the basic Chicken Parm, but wait - they actually serve the Chicken Parm with pesto pasta, that is really cool. I might get that next time. My colleague got a chicken sandwich which he seemed pleased with. It came with garlic fries. I tried one and they are really delicious. Not too much garlic but a nice amount to give it a unique flavor. OK, I am lying I tried two, I took when off his plate when he went to the mens room but like whatever, he was done anyway and I have a job to do, report about this restaurant so I figure it was not really a big deal.

Anyway, this place rocks, I really hope they open one in the NY DMA soon. I think it would do really well.


steve said...

This would go great in the Palisades Center mall in west nyack ny.

Hadley said...

I am collecting on those fries at some point.

Hadley said...

Also, the music was excellent. It blows Heartland Brewery out of the water. How about we ship Heartland Brewery back to, well, the heartland of america (Scranton) and take the German wannabe in....everyone loves a German-themed chain restaurant who claim one of their best dishes is chicken parm!