Wednesday, March 7, 2007

If the world was a better place there would be more Jose Tejas!

OK people there is only one word to describe this place and it is awesome!

Jose Tejas is a tex-mex chain that a lot of people do not know about. I go to the one in Jersey and without fail every single time I go it is amazing. I make my parents drive 1.5 hours just so I can eat there. The chips and salsa they give you before the meal is awesome! The chips come out hot and salty! I also have been getting Margaritas lately - let me tell you - two and you are done. My mom gets the Frozen Sangria, usually I sneak a sip and it is really good too.

Now the best part of the Jose Tejas experience is the actual meal I always get the half beef and half chicken fajitas. I ask myself, Rori, what is better the chicken or the beef and I never come up with an answer. Really, they both rock! You also get rice and beans but I just get rice. It is so yummy and so spicy and so..... you guessed it awesome. I have also ordered the French Quarter Chicken and that is of course awesome as well.
The prices at Jose Tejas are so reasonable. The fajitas are only like 10 bucks and the portion is huge. Amazing value!
An important thing to note is that Jose Tejas also goes by Border Cafe. There is one in Cambridge, Mass. I used to go in college. Actually the summer between Freshman and Sophmore year I got my fake ID taken away there. It was pretty funny yet traumatic at the time.


food snob said...

The world would be a better place if there were less chain restaurants!

Rori said...

Food snob, I know you and I know what kind of food you like. If you went to Jose Tejas you would be obsessed.

Hadley said...

Tejas is amazing. However, the owners burned down their Paramus location to collect insurance, at least that's the rumor at the River Edge Y.

Nina said...

Ror isnt border cafe where you got your first fake ID take away?

Rori said...

Nina yes, Border Cafe and Jose Tejas are the same company.
You were there