Thursday, March 8, 2007

P.F. Chang's Is A Culinary Delight!

Here is a restaurant that so many people I know love and I can tell you why - consistently they serve up outstanding dishes in a cool atmosphere. P.F Chang's is really an original concept for a chain. They serve Asian food with a kind of American twist. I am going to get right to it, here are my favorite dishes there. The lettuce wraps are probably the best lettuce wraps in the world. I just love them. What is kind of annoying though is that my dad and my brother do not eat them so when I go with my family it is hard to order them. Good thing a lot of my friends go to this place with me too. I went with my friend Nina and her boyfriend Brian once and was able to really hold my own in an eating competition against him. The best main dish is definitely the Mongolian Beef and I usually do not like ordering beef in my Chinese food (I am a chicken or shrimp kind of girl) but all rules go out the window for this dish. I also really love the Double Pan Fried noodles. I only order drinks here when I am at the one in Atlantic City at the Trop. I recommend the mojito drink they serve. Probably because I just really like mojitos in general.

Ok so if you really love Asian food I promise, you will really love PF Chang's.


Nina said...

TRUE DAT YO!!!! and Rordawg really did hold ehr own in the eating competiton

Andrew said...

Asian with an American twist? I would rather eat the "American" food that our Thai client Sabrina told us about over a meal in her favorite Thai restaurant, which is rice fried with ketchup, mixed with fried eggs, raisins, and bacon. I would also rather eat the Thai dish that we had which the waiter translated to pork ribs fermented in bacteria. The translation came after everyone chowed down on it of course...

Rori said...

Andrew I think your comment proves my point. When you don't eat at chains you risk eating bacteria.

Hadley said...

PF is overrated. Lettuce wraps? Child, please. Plain chicken in mass-produced iceberg lettuce? Not impressed.

Andrew said...

Yeah like Taco Bell...

sports said...

If you think Pf changs is overrated then I bet you love master wok.

Hadley said...

Master Wok has great bourbon chicken. It's different thatnstandard mall bourbon chicken.

PF Chang's would be great outside of NY/NJ, where real Chinese/Asian is brutal. It can't beat the best of Bergen County. It will never be Ocean Empire. It dreams of being Mandarin Gourmet.

Nina said...


Hadley said...

Rockland is trashy. Rockland is the Poor Man's Bergen County. Literally. They build inferior malls that people get stabbed at.

The direct line from North Riverdale is Bergen County...the allure of Bear Mountain is fantastic and all, but I'll take the 201.

I camped once near Bear Mountain. It was like 197th Street and Jerome in the woods. Sweet.

Nina said...

Actually North Riverdale is pretty trashy...just like the cheesy Bergen Mall

The real class and power hails from Southern Riverdale

Who lives in Bergen Country

Rockland is home to greats people such as: Bill Murray, Mikhail Baryshnikov,Tito Puente ( RIP), Lorraine Brocco, Maya Angelou, AL Pacino, Diane Keaton, and the trainer for the New York Yankees

What does Bergen County have? The Rink? The Paramus Mall? The 100 year old Dairy Queen? The Ridge Diner? all crap

Nina said...

Also its kind of pathetic that Charley Browns is the only bar's not even a bar its a low class crappy chain restaurants

You can get a nicer house, better school district, and pay less taxes in Rockland County.

But I guess anything is better than Massachusetts

Hadley said...

Southern Riverdale people lives in apartments and move to Rockland. Northern Riverdale people live in houses and upgrade to Fieldston....and they mock they people that live in the PS 81 embassy.

You know what, you are right. Rockland Rules. You've really stayed far away from the riff raff of Bergen County:

From: Orangeburg, NY 10962
To: Continental Dr
Old Tappan, NJ 07675

Drive: 2.6 mi

1. Head southwest on Fern Ovl E toward Lester Dr 463 ft

2. Turn left at Lester Dr 0.5 mi
2 mins

3. Slight right to stay on Lester Dr 0.5 mi
1 min

4. Turn left at Christine Ln 0.2 mi

5. Turn right at Western Hwy 0.6 mi
2 mins

6. Turn right at Old Tappan Rd 0.5 mi
2 mins

7. Turn right at Continental Dr 469 ft

You've really isolated yourself there, killer.

food snob said...

I've never had P.F. Wang Chung's. But I'm positive that it could never beat Bamboo Club. None of you would know about this upscale chain though. They don't have them in Bergen or Rockland counties. Bamboo Club much is too exclusive.

Nina said...

Old Tappan is where I get my gas. Thanks for the directions.

I lived across the street from Fieldston, and they DO NOT move to Bergen County. They move to Westchester or Rockland, unless they want to be closer to a strip mall, fast food chain, gas station, or traffic.


Hadley said...

"I lived across the street from Fieldston".

Awesome! I once visited the White House on a field trip!

There's a reason the train line stops in Pearl River.

Nina said...

Yes on the Bergen Line on NJ Transit they save the best for last.

There are also trains to Suffern.

Bostons Blows

Rori said...

Are we forgetting one of the most important people from Southern Riverdale - Joe Lieberman(American's Senator). Yes he lived in my builidng while dating his now wife. He would see my mom outside the building with me in the baby carriage and say aww what a cute baby (me). You do not have stories like that in Northern Riverdale.
And also at least our stores are open on Sundays in Rockland now. Bergen is a whole lot of fun on a Sunday if you like ghost towns.