Sunday, March 18, 2007

Quick Qdoba Update

Tried the Pesto Burrito yesterday and it was totally awesome. I do not know if it tastes a lot like pesto that you eat on pasta. I would describe it more as a spicy pesto so it works with the burrito. Also I tried the chips with queso and they were incredible. I do not even really like cheese and I could not stop eating them. AMAZING!!!
I really encourage people to check this place out if you live in Murray Hill. I met the owners of this place and they seemed like nice guys so you feel good about giving them your business.

Today I am off to Long Island to scout some more chains. Tomorrows post should be good!


Nina said...


Everyone should go check this place out...they deliver too which Chipotle does not which I really think is great...especially when you are lazy like me...also I've NEVER seen rori eat/enjoy cheese other than mozerella and she couldnt get enough of the queso...nuff said

food snob said...

I don't recall this meal on the way down (I'm sure it was good), but I do remember it coming up a few hours later. Not so good.