Thursday, March 15, 2007

Capital Grille - A Capital C for Class

This restaurant really exemplifies what it means to be a classy, upscale chain. I have been here many times and every time I go I am more than pleased. If you see my list below it is actually my #1 top upscale chain which really is a huge honor.

I need to thank my cousin for introducing me to this place. I think if it was not for him I would have been intimidated to even walk inside. The place oozes power especially the one in Washington D.C. My family went there for his 21st birthday and his graduation - good choice. I heard the one in Boston is a big hangout for the Yankees when they are in town. I probably should have went and tried to meet Jeter but really who am I fooling, he would have ignored me and I would have been crushed. I bet Melky would be really nice to me though. I have also been to the one in NY. I feel that one does not get the crowd it deserves. I should probably support it more and take clients there or something, perhaps. A great memory I have of the NY one is walking past with my friends after a Yankee - Red Sox game and saying oh that is my favorite restaurant let's go. Well we did and we all feasted on steaks, lobster and shrimp. Kind of made those Yankee Stadium hot dogs not so delicious anymore. Oh and we got free dessert because we were all wearing matching Yankees shirts and the manager thought it was funny. That was really cool. We also got to try on a Red Sox World Series ring (gross) because some lame Sox trainer was there or something and I guess you get a ring for being a trainer, who knew?

OK so let me now tell you what my favorite things at this restaurant are. First, I love their Stoli Doli martini. It is essentially a pineapple martini - very strong and very good! I also really love the bread they serve before the meal, especially the raisin bread (mommy loves it too). Of the steaks they serve I think my favorites are the Filet Mignon and Kona Crusted Sirloin with Caramelized Shallot Butter -hmmm delicious. For dessert you must get the Creme Brulee. The first and best Creme Brulee I ever tried was here. It is heaven on earth! My cousin ordered it on his birthday- wowzers! I later found out that he ordered it because Julia Roberts ate it in My Best Friends Wedding - makes me love it even more now!

All in all, if you are looking for a great dinner this is definitely a place to go.


Jordan said...

1000%, I agree with this posting (re: Chains). I've been in DC, Boston, and NY (the 3 cities I've lived in, too, Ror-doggy) and thoroughly enjoyed each meal. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's Silly Billy Clinton's favorite restaurant in D.C. I also went there for my graduation dinner with my family and best friend's family. It seems that Capital Grille has left us both with great memories, and will continue to provide us with delicious meals in the future. However, Craftsteak and the Palm can kick its ass any day of the week. Comments? -Talbot's Shopper

food snob said...

I read an article in ELLE this month that says the Palm is the real place of power in D.C. I completely agree with Granny...the Palm kicks ass. Never having been to CG, I don't know if the Palm kicks Capital Grille's ass or not. I do know that I hate places that add an "e" to the word grill. I guess they are trying to be different or something, but in my opinion what should separate a restaurant from the pack is it's food. I love martini's though, so I would give this place a try for sure.

Cousin said...

One thing that was totally ignored in this post are the sides at CG. My favorite being the Lyonaise potatoes. When it comes to steak places, though they may differ in quality of the meat, its almost always the sides that make one stand out over the rest. I believe CG to have some of the best sides and Del Frisco's does as well. Ruth's Chris has the most awful sides cause in addition to smothering their steaks with butter, all of their sides are drowning in the stuff too.
I would also like to take this time to point out a random other chain that must be discussed. Though I'm sure my lovely cousin had an entire blog coming soon...CHIPOTLE, which I am currently eating for lunch, is also an amazing place if only for the amount of food you get for your dollar. I don't think there is anyone who won't agree with that.

Rori said...

Your are correct I forgot to mention the sides. My favorite are the mashed potatoes.
I like the Palm but think the quality of the meat at Capital Grill is much better.
I have never been to Ruth Chris but I am going soon and will blog about it when I am done.
There will be a new posting coming regarding all the chain burritto places. I just went to Qdoba last night.

Nina said...

Food snob im a CG virgin also...wanna go...triple date with ror dawg?

food snob said...

Yes, Nina. You can have the pleasure of dining with food snob anytime :)

Cousin said...

I just wanted to take a time out and say you did good with this blog Rori...I find myself checking it for updates almost as frequently as I check my celeb gossip blogs which is saying a lot! That might also signify that I have a little too much time on my hands at work but I enjoy it nonetheless.

steve said...

I like Ruth Chris better than Capital Grille because the steaks are more tender. I go to a steakhouse for steaks not sides.

Rori said...

Cousin, thank you so much for the support. When I a rich and famous I will not forget you.
Steve, you should take me to Ruth Chris so I can try the steaks there already.

Nina said...

So I did it...I finally ate at Capital Grille in Baltimore... and let me just say WOW...They had a special steak it was filet mignon over tomato and fresh mozerella with a balsamic glaze and it was insanely amazing

the shrimp cocktail was awesome too

i cant wait to go back again!