Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The First Food Item List!!! BREAD

I really think you can tell a lot about the quality of a chain by the quality of the bread they give out (if they even give out any). There are also some chains where I am tempted to order only a diet coke and just have the bread as my meal.

Here is my list of the top bread at chains.

1) Red Lobster - I think I could survive on it.

2) John Harvard's

3) Texas Roadhouse

4) Capital Grill

5) Cheesecake Factory

6) Outback

7) Carmine's - this would be higher but I am still having a debate with myself if this is really a true chain.

8) Joe's American
9) Olive Garden - Great example of just ordering breadsticks and soda
10) You decide - I don't know


Nina said...

Ummmm Joe's American is cleary#2 what r u smoking?

Rori said...

I don't smoke, just drink.

food snob said...

I really like the bread at hale and hearty....though you may think it's fast food, it is a chain with great bread.

Rori said...

Hale and Hearty is a chain but right now this blog focuses more on sit-down, not take out or fast food chains. I appreciate the input though.