Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The List

This List is really the centerpiece of my blog.

It is my top ten chain restaurants. Like the Constitution, the beauty of this document is it's ability to change with the times.

1) Cheesecake Factory

2) Jose Tejas (or Border Cafe)

3) P.F Chang's

4) Houston's

5) Joe's American

6) California Pizza Kitchen

7) TGI Friday's (just for historical purposes)

8) Red Lobster

9) Chilis

10) Maggianos


Nina said...

What about Ruby Tuesday's?

Rori said...

I like Ruby Tuesday's but it is not in my top 10. Thanks for the feedback though.

KATE said...

What about OUTBACK?!

Rori said...

Outback is probablly number 11 right now.
The bread is really delicious as is the honey mustard salad dressing.

Nina said...

Um salad bar and baked potatoe...hellooo!!!!!!

What about the following: Pizzeria Uno, John Harvard's, Olive Garden, Hooters, Denny's, IPO, Ground Round, McCormick and Schmick's, ESPN Zone, Stir Crazy ( Im not such a fan),Applebee's, Bennigans, Friendly's, Macaroni Grill.....

Rori said...

Nina, I appreciate your input but none of those are in my top 10.
I do like Applebees & ESPN Zone.
Actually ESPN Zone is really good, maybe I will put that up there.
Also, I am shocked you would mention Olive Garden. Dude you know what that place does to me.
Also Johh Harvard's is great but I thougth too New England for my list.

Nina said...

John Harvard's is in Long Island

What about Panera? and IHOP?

Cracker Barrel?

I thought Olive Garden was funny..they did hired Jessica Cannon for a comercial and they do put ex-lax in their food

ESPN Zone is delicous

steve said...

what about Gordon Biersch?

Rori said...

Stay tuned and I will put some breakfast and more fast food chains up as well.
Steve - I do like Gordon Bierch but have not gone enough to really comment on it.
Also had no idea about John Harvard's in Long Island. When I come up with a best bread list they will def make it.

steve said...

Where is Texas Roadhouse?

Rori said...

I like Texas Roadhouse but it is not in my top ten. I know I might be disowned for that but it is true.

sports said...

Joses is my favorite chain. It has the most best value.

food snob said...

This is like my hit list of restaurants that should be closed down.

food snob said...

You know what? You really need to go to Bamboo Club. You would love it and they have not only amazing organge chicken, but also the best lettuce wraps I have ever tasted with a more than impressive atmosphere.

mutty said...

i love jose tejas because of the quality of the food,authentic mexican atmosphere, good service and value.