Thursday, April 19, 2007

Rosa Mexicana - My Man Arod Likes It So It Must Be Good

If I was writing this blog a year ago I probably would not consider this place a chain. I mean yes they have always had a few locations in Manhattan but recently they have been opening in cities all over the country. They have locations in Florida, DC, Atlanta and soon the great state of New Jersey. Very nice, very nice.

All around I think this place is great! Fun atmosphere, good drinks and great food! As mentioned in the title of this piece of literature it is also a favorite of my boy Arod. An A-bomb, for A-Rod!
For starters the guacamole is top notch. I could probably go here and just eat that. What I love is not only do they give you great chips but they also give you hot tortillas. Eating the soft tortillas with the guac I feel like my dad must have felt chillin Guadalajara 35 years ago. According to him, that makes it really authentic. Other than the guac, I do not see the need to order any other appetizers. Yes, the flautas are really good but you don't need them. Chow down on the guac baby.

For main dishes their are 3 that I totally love. The first are the enchilades de Mole Poblano which is really shocking considering I do not even like chocolate that much. Anyway it is just a really soft, tasty and fun dish. I also really like the Shrimps with Rice. It has a fancier, ethnic name but it is hard to spell and really the dish is essentially garlic shrimp with rice. Sometimes it is a bit on the greasy side so if you can, tell the waiter not too greasy. Other than that, delicious. The third dish I recommend are the short ribs. Just really tender and juicy pieces of meat. I do not often order this but I should. Actually nah, I will just eat it off my brothers plate and get myself something else.

Of course I must mention the drinks. They are most famous for their pomegranate margaritas. Good thing, because they are great. What a treat. They also serve sangria that is really good.

The desserts do not really stick out in my mind but I am sure they are good. I guess maybe just skip dessert though and order yourself another margarita!


steve said...

They have great short ribs!

Brian said...

Uh, "great state of New Jersey?"