Thursday, April 26, 2007

Applebee's - Feeling Good Now!

Oh Applebee's you seem to really be springing up all over now. I remember when you were a novelty, a treat when I was shopping in Jersey, but now you really are everywhere.

Rockland, Manhattan, Woodbury Commons. I kind of think I liked you better when you were smaller.

The thing I love about Applebee's is that although they are a chain they try to be a neighborhood restaurant. They do this by hanging stuff (a la old school Friday's) all over the restaurant that have to do with your town. Usually it is stuff from neighborhood high schools. When I used to go to Applebee's in Jersey I would always imagine how cool it would be to have my high school on the walls and maybe a picture of me. Anyway, one did open up my me and much to my dismay no pictures of everyone's favorite national honor society president and soccer bench warmer made the wall. Instead they put pictures from like 1987 up with people in MC Hammer pants. Whatever.

Usually when I go to Applebee's now I get the Oriental Chicken Salad. It is probably one of my favorite chain salads. It is filled with chicken, almonds, and noodles. You can get it with fried chicken or grilled. Obviously it is better with fried chicken but the grilled is good too. The best part of this salad is the dressing. It is called an Oriental vinaigrette, it is really light and sweet and tangy and good. Love it! What is also cool is they offer the salad in a wrap form. I get that sometimes if I am more in the mood for a sandwich over a salad.

I used to get the Chicken Fingers and French Fries all the time here. I think they are a very solid choice. Way back in the day they had a Riblet and Chicken Finger basket, that was a nice option too but I probably would not get that now because I do not eat ribs anymore.

Now on the menu they have a bruschetta burger. It sounds really good, next time I am here I am going to try it. It is made with pesto so I am sure it is outstanding.

Another really important thing to note is that Applebee's had tons of "Weight Watchers" choices. I have had the Confetti Chicken and it was really good. You do not feel like you are eating a healthy dish at all. It is a mexican chicken with rice. The description online says it is a party on your plate, wow, can't mess with that. They also have Teriyaki Steak 'N Shrimp Skewers. I would try that for dinner.

I think my brother has had some of the steaks here and he says that they are decent. Good to know.

The desserts on the menu here are really good too, they have a weight watchers one, never had it. I mean dessert is dessert go all out. I would get the Sizzling Apple Crisp because I love that kind of stuff. I am always tempted to try to Maple Butter Blondie. Never did though, I wonder why?

One annoying thing to note, like most chain restaurants in Manhattan, it is totally overpriced. I went with my co-workers recently and it was like 25 bucks each. We could have went to Del Frisco's for like 5 bucks more. Also there were no pictures from high schools up either.


Brian said...

I looove their Sizzling Apple Crisp. It's the ideal dessert after a long and/or bad day. One bite, and your mood brightens.

Nina said...

AMAZING chicken fingers and honey mustard sauce simply AMAZING

steve said...

They have the best chicken quesadilla.

Andrew said...

These have been all over Ohio for at least 15 years...I guess it took a while to get to Rockland. I used to love their "Riblets" although I have no idea how these are constructed and that's generally not a good thing. Kind of like nuggets...

Rikin said...

How about how all appetizers (except the sampler platter) are half off after 10! oh and a buck fifty for domestic beers including Yuengling. Time for a drink!