Monday, April 23, 2007

Pizza Hut -Cute Little Comforting Place!

OK, so I am from NY and have the luxury of eating really good pizza every day if I want to. I have lived in other cities and it is true, NY really does have the best pizza. Even the bad pizza is good pizza. I am also very proud to admit that I love Pizza Hut! To be fair, it is totally different than real NY pizza but that does not mean that it is not good.

First thing to really praise Pizza Hut about is their Book It program. I have no idea if this still exists but when I was younger they had this program where you got a free pizza if you read a certain amount of books. How great is that, encourage kids to read! Wonderful, reading is fundamental.
So the food, well I actually think that pizza at Pizza Hut is delicious. I love the deep dish plain cheese pizza. I think the best size to get is the personal pan. The bigger you get the worse it gets. I love the massive amounts of cheese, sauce and dough. The crust of a Pizza Hut pizza is awesome. They just use lots of butter or something. Whatever, it is good! Also, Jessica Simpson seems to eat a lot of Pizza Hut and she is pretty hot so it can not be that bad for you.

What I also love about Pizza Hut is their salad bar buffet. That itself could be a meal. They also have pineapple chunks and chocolate pudding as part of the buffet. Awesome! Pizza Hut is where I learned about mixing sunflower seeds with chocolate pudding. This might sound gross but try it and you will love it.
Pizza Hut also sometimes has a lunch time buffet. Besides all of the salad essentials they have lots of different kinds of pizza so that is fun. They also have dessert pizza which is kind of just like a danish in the shape of a pizza.
Of course you can not talk about Pizza Hut and not mention the breadsticks. They are amazing! They are big, soft on the inside, crusty on the outside and coated in garlic and served with a marinara dipping sauce. Delicious!
Now Pizza Hut serves pizza with the crust stuffed with mozzarella cheese. I have not tried that yet but think it is a very good idea and would like to try it sometime soon.
Lots of places serve Pizza Hut now like Taco Bells, etc but I think to really get a quality Pizza Hut experience you should go to an actual Pizza Hut.


Jesse said...

When you talk about the cheese filled crust are we talking about the new "Cheesy Bites" crust, or the old school "Stuffed Crust"? The new Cheesy Bites is worth a try I guess, the Stuffed Crust has been around since I worked there a long long time ago.

Do you guys have Papa John's there? They've been winning me over for crappy pizza lately, but maybe it's just because I worked at the Hut for a while and am kind of tired of their food. With Papa John's you get both seasoning packets and garlic dipping sauce(AKA the fat in a can). Also, the Pizza Hut online ordering is broke for delivering to me, so that's a major minus.

I will admit I like the dine in there, but there aren't many of those left in AZ. Almost all of the stores are deliver/carryout only. The lunch buffet is off the hinges.

What are the most combined restaurants that you've seen? Somewhere around here I think we have a Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/KFC.

Rori said...

Jesse I must thank you for your support of this blog.

When talking about the cheese filled crust I mean the stuffed crust. I know it has been around a while, I just have not had a chance to taste it yet. I love mozzerella cheese so I am sure I would love it.

I do not think there are any Papa John's in NYC but I am pretty sure they have them in Mass, I just never had it. I always got Dominos up there.

We have the same combined restaurants here, the Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, KFC mix. Sometimes Dunkin Donuts is in there too. I don't like that. I like free standing stores.

Nina said...

I love Pizza hut I had it in acapulco mexico last year and it was a nice break from tacos, and fajitas....The crust is buttery and yummy and they always have the right about of cheese and sauce

i also like that you can get your own personal because like rori sometimes I do not like to share

In regards ot PapaJohns I had this while i was attending a Penn State summer programs..its closer to Dominos i would say ...the dipping sauce is like heart attach in a cup its thick garlic butter ( rori you woul dlove) but i didnt think it went well with pizza

I would like to try Chuck E Cheese one fo these days.....

Anonymous said...

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