Monday, April 16, 2007

Old School Charm - Nathan's

I love Hot Dogs, I think they are so delicious. I am kind of surprised how much I love them because of what they are actually made of but I just don't think about it. I guess I am kind of picky about what kind of hot dogs I will eat because I notice a big difference between Kosher and non-Kosher ones. Pretty much I will only eat Kosher ones . They just taste so much better (and because I am so religious). Of course there is one exception, NATHAN's.
When I was younger I used to always go to the Nathan's on Central Ave. in Yonker's. It was a blast! I would play video games, eat some food and if memory serves me right there was a clown there sometimes that would put on a show for kids. I remember always getting upset though when I wasn't picked to be part of the show. I guess I was always attention hungry. Sometimes the clown did not see the true star power I had as a 7 year old.

When eating at Nathan's, one should not even think of wasting times getting the burgers or the chicken. No way, stick with the hot dog! Also you must, must, must get the French Fries. They are so good. They are by far the best fries in the world. Load them with lots of salt, pepper and ketchup and it is heaven in a paper plate! When you are in a mall food court and you want to indulge the perfect meal is a hot dog, fries and Nathan's lemonade.

Sadly, I have never been to the Nathan's in Coney Island but I really want to go. I will make it a priority this summer. Let me know if you would like to come with me.

I must also note that you have to love a place that sponsors the most famous eating contest. For a while I contemplated becoming a competitive eater. I do not think I could really eat large amounts of hot dogs though ( I think I could do Pasta, Chips & Salsa, Fajitas, Chicken Fingers, Fried Rice or Ice Cream), but this place originated the amazing contest that gets world-wide attention so I must commend them for that!


Nina said...

Rordawg I would love to go to Coney Island with you and get a hot dog...I love them too I also love Gray's Papaya and Papaya King..the dog we shared on Saturday night was AMAZING..Nathans is real quality also..I love hot dogs that are grilled not boiled so that is why nathans rocks...they also have awesome kraut and frend fries

KATE said...

I'm in for a summer trip to Coney Island! I love Nathan's!

Jesse said...

I personally like the corn dog nuggets at Nathan's. It's sort of the perfect storm of food in my opinion, "Hot dog, Corn Meal, and nugget".

The only way it could get better is if they stuffed cheese in it, but that'd probably be so good it would have to be made illegal.

I made a post once about hot dogs. Not from Nathan's of course though.

Brian said...

Rori, your post made me nostalgic for my Hebrew school days; that doesn't happen too often. :-)

Growing up, my youth group would to a Mets game every couple months, always on a Sunday. En route, we'd go to the Nathans in Commack. I'd have two hot dogs, a side of their amazing steak fries and a large lemonade. I love those hot dogs.

Ah, I miss New York.

Rori said...

Too bad you had to go to Met's games.

Brian said...

I didn't complain about "having" to go to Shea.