Friday, April 13, 2007

Finding Chain Selections in Your Local Grocery Aisles

I kind of consider myself a gourmet cook thanks in part to the wide selection of frozen foods chain restaurants make available. These selections are much better than any other frozen food options you might buy. I am going to use this post to highlight some of my favorite ones.

I think the best frozen chain foods are the California Pizza Kitchen pizzas. They are so good, especially the roasted garlic chicken and the thai chicken ones! In college I used to eat them all time. I mean they are not as tasty as what you get in the actual restaurant but for a frozen pizza they are pretty stellar. The only downfall is the amount of fat and calories in them, it is obscene. I recommend not looking at the nutrition label and just enjoy it. I tried to figure out once how it was possible for them to be that bad for you, I mean it is bread, chicken and cheese, how bad can it be?

Anyway other great frozen options are made possible by Friday's. They have a spinach artichoke dip that is awesome! People try to make their own dips all the time and really they are never better than the Friday's one that you can easily heat up in your microwave. Save yourself the time and effort people. They also have their famous rectangle shaped mozzarella sticks that are delicious, available at grocery stores, and these very good chicken bites with a smokey bbq sauce. It is a feast baby! Oh and I can not forget that they make they sell their drink mixes. I have spent many a night enjoying a Friday's Mudslide, thank you very much.
Boston Market also makes their sides available in the frozen food section. I have never tried them but I am curious to see how they taste. I like the sides at the actual store a lot, so I am sure these are pretty good too.

Recently I discovered these amazing granola bars that are made by Caribou Coffee. The granola bars are chocolaty and have a bit of a coffee taste, not too much, just a hint of it. It is perfect really. If you see these in the supermarket, definitely pick up a box and give them a try.

Starbucks makes coffee ice cream flavors that you can buy at the grocery stores. I have had this a few times and I was pretty pleased. Maybe they should just make ice cream and stop making bad coffee.

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Nina said...

The Boston MArket sides are awesome I specifically love the rice pilaf and the creamed spinach and roasted potatoes...they are hard to find in the city though Shoprite in Rockland carries them usually

CPK frozen pizza's are awesome...but I agree with Rori don't look at the nutritional value as it makes zero sense

Red Lobster should seell cheese biscuits in the frozen gfood department..I would buy they every day