Thursday, April 5, 2007

Houstons - A Real Winner

Houstons truly is one of the best chain restaurants around. It is one of those chains where chain snobs like to go. I think they kinda of feel that this is not really a chain, but alas, it is. I guess the dark atmosphere and jazz piano player at the bar is a bit different that what you might get at Applebees.
Most good major US cities have a Houstons. It is actually owned by Hillstone Restaurant Group. They have many upscale American restaurants in California. I think they should expand and open some in the New York area.

Anyway, let's get down to business. I shall start with the spinach artichoke dip which is delicious at Houstons. Not as good as the one at CPK, but a close second. My most favorite thing at Houstons are their burgers. Oh my god, they are incredible. By far my favorite chain burger. They are always big and juicy and beautiful. Sometimes you order a burger and you say medium and it comes out burnt, not here, they know how to get it right. Also they are very cool with letting you substitute fries for a baked potato. Good thing because their baked potatoes are awesome. They coat them with salt baby.
I also recommend the Grilled Chicken Salad here. So if I was to get the spinach artichoke dip I would probably get the salad as my entree. It is kind of like a good Asian Chicken Salad.
My brother once get a steak here and he really liked it, so if you are in the steak mood you can go with that but I still feel the burgers are just so good, stick with that if you are diggin red meat. I am also pretty sure my aunt always gets the tuna and she is a picky eater so I trust her judgement so if you eat things like tuna try that.
What is also cool about Houstons is their drink list. They serve cool, regional beers, not just your standard Miller Lite, etc (not that I don't like Miller Lite, I am just saying). They also have a stellar wine list. I usually get a glass of Riesling here and I always like it.


steve said...

The hawaiian ribeye is a must try.

Anonymous said...

oh and how great for me, its right in my building at work!

Anonymous said...

The veggie burger at Houstons is also very of the best I've had...

Nina said...

i like the ribs, the cheeseburger, and the thai beef salad...the salad is great it has spicy dressing and mango chunks in really is a a real winner