Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Kobe Burger

I am a burger lover, really there is nothing better than a good, juicy hamburger.
Makes me smile.
Anyway, I decided that I would stray from my usual Asian Salad theme food that I usually get at the Cheesecake Factory and go balls to the walls, I would order a hamburger. Oh, but not just any old hamburger, a KOBE Burger!
Much to my dismay I was very let down. There I was, mouth watering waiting for this piece of cow goodness and it just was so blah. I ordered it medium and it definitely came out well done. It was not really that juicy and kind of had a weird flavor, like a bad spice or something. The best part of the burger was the sauteed onions on top and that should not be the case. I have had Kobe burgers at other places and they were much better. I think though, Kobe beef should just stick to steak. Why waste it on a ground beef.
Oh well, I know better now, no more Kobe burgers for me!


steve said...

Why would you get a Kobe Burger at the cheesecake factory if they have so many other things to offer.

Rori said...

Because I wanted to try it, duh.
I also think you kind of told me to get it.