Thursday, May 17, 2007

Texas Roadhouse - Yeah It Rocks

So I have to admit I was reluctant to love this place. My family would not stop singing its praises. They would even drive almost 2 hours to the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania to get the ribs. When I finally had the chance to eat here I liked it but did not love it. That all changed last weekend when I was lucky enough to eat here again and my oh my was I wrong. This place really does rock and is awesome. Amazing food!

I will start with the best thing that they offer, the rolls. Wow! They are soft dinner rolls that are coated with butter. If that is not enough, these hot delicious rolls are also served with a cinammon butter that makes this tasty treat really feel like a dessert. The hostess brings you your rolls right as you sit down. They also have peanuts on the table and in barrels for you as you wait for your table. These peanuts are extra good because they taste like they swimming in a sea of salt.

As you can probably tell by the name, Texas Roadhouse, this is a BBQ place. Good ol'fashion food like steak, ribs and chicken. I get the Grilled BBQ Chicken and it is delicous. It is a nice piece of grilled, chicken in a tasty sauce. What I love about this place is the options. You can get either two side items or a side item and a salad. I opt for the two sides. I figure I can get a salad anywhere, might as well have fun with the sides. Last time I got a baked potato and applesauce. I am such a little kid when it comes to food, but hey applesauce is fun! Anyway you can also get a baked sweet potato, mashed, rice, veggies, even chilli. I might try the chili next time, I bet it is good. I have tried the steak here as well and it is really, really good. Much better than the steaks you get at typical chains. They have a few combo options on the menu so you can get steak and chicken, steak and ribs, etc. Oh boy! The ribs are supposedly, "fall off the bone" spectacular. I am not really into food on the bone so I just take everyone elses word on that.

Truthfully, there is no need for dessert here, the rolls are enough of a dessert.

Of course there are a few downfalls to this place. The biggest being the wait. It is always busy, probably because it is so good. I recommend doing their call ahead seating. Another downfall is the clientel. I have to admit this place does not attract the classiest people in the world. Last time I saw a guy that really looked like ZZ Top. It was kind of scary. I think you just have to go and not pay attention to who is eating around you.
Supposedly they also dance here, kind of like Coyote Ugly. I think that is kind of cheesy.

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steve said...

This place is a must for everybody. The ribeye is as good as any for half the price.