Monday, May 14, 2007

Coffee Fun In The Great State of CT

I had the opportunity to explore the great state of Connecticut this weekend and explore what they had to offer in terms of coffee. My first stop was the one I was most excited about. Imus Ranch coffee. Yes you read it right, I was going to be able to support my man Imus and his ranch for kids with cancer simply by ordering a cup of Joe. I ordered an iced coffee and much to my dismay it really was not that good. First big mistake, they served it in paper soda cups. Not the typical clear plastic ones that iced coffee is served in. Just by seeing that I knew the coffee was not going to be good. It was just kind of blah. Nothing exciting about it at all. Of course I recommend going there though to support Imus and his charity.

Now, my second stop in coffee exploration came to my by surprise. I was going to just get Dunkin Donuts for breakfast but I found this Tim Horton place. Wow, lucky me. It was awesome! At first the name scared me because it sounded like someone one of my friends would date or maybe it was too much like Bobs Big Boy, but I am glad I decided to try it. It is essentially a coffee and donut place with a small town feel to it. They have all your standard quick breakfast fare like donuts, bagels, muffins, etc. I looked it up on the Internet and they started in Canada but now have outposts throughout NY, New England & Pennsylvania.

Anyway the coffee was wonderful! First, they used small pieces of crushed iced instead of cubes, similar to the way they make it at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. This really was a treat. I ordered a Mint Chocolate Iced Coffee and it was AMAZING!!! They put actual chocolate in the iced coffee. It tasted better than any latte I had at Starbucks ever. I also was able to sample a "Cappuccino Supreme" that was fantastic. This was similar to a frappaccino but half the cost. Really tasty! If you see one near you, definitely stop in and try it.

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Merryl said...

I'd have to agree with Rori that Tim Horton's is delicious. They once came to our campus in college and gave out free coffee and doughnuts, and I think I went back about 5 times throughout the day! However, I wouldn't recommend their coffee for a Keurig machine, like they might have in any of your offices. It just doesn't taste the same.