Friday, May 11, 2007

Chain Your Mom

It is almost Mother's Day. If you have not bought your mom a present yet, hurry up, you only have a few more days. There is a new Barbra Streisand CD out so that is always a good choice. I know my mom would be happy with that.

Of course besides getting the lady that brought you into this world a present you should probably take her out to brunch or lunch or dinner and really, what better place to do that than a Chain Restaurant.

So, here is my list of chains your should take your momma to this Mother's Day.

1) Grand Lux Cafe - it is Mother's Day, everyone could use a little bit of excessive opulence. Plus this place has a great brunch menu and awesome lunch and dinner entrees. Really, something for everyone.

2) Joe's American Bar & Grill - They have a special menu for Mother's Day plus a brunch menu that includes a free drink! Awesome! It is also a nice atmosphere and pretty reasonable.

3) Maggiano's - This is a nice dinner choice. The atmosphere is very cozy, and nice. Mom will feel very at home here. It is almost like eating in Carmela Sopranos kitchen.

4) Cheesecake Factory - It is probably going to be packed on Mother's Day, but so what, it is worth the wait and Mother's Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in a cheesecake like the White Chocolate Raspberry one. Yum!

5) IHOP - Maybe she should not have grounded you so much and you would have taken her to one of the choices above, but really it would be kind of fun to get all you can eat pancakes for breakfast. Mom would love it!


Andrew said...

Way to work Streisand in there...Do you think her voice is "like buttah?" This post gave me shpilkes in my geneckteckessoink.

food snob said...

These choices are of no help to me. I feel like you really need to get in touch with your audience and realize that not all parts of the world have every chain. Do the research. I can't take mom to the Grand Lux or Maggiano's and I don't even know who Joe is. Thanks for nothing.

Rori said...

Sorry Lovey Dovey, tell me where you mom took you after the pagents for some grub.

food snob said...

Are you kidding me? She would never let me eat - it was against the rules. I had to be thin so that the Donald would like me.

Brian said...

Classic post, Rori. If there's one gift that's a sure hit, it's a Streisand CD.

I won't see my Mom until next Saturday, so I can't take her out on Mother's Day. The night I do see her, we'll be going to one of my family's favorite chain restaurants, albeit a higher-end one: Shula's steakhouse. We're going to the one in Tysons Corner.