Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Dunkin Donuts - I think I love you

Nobody just likes Dunkin Donuts, you either love it or you hate it. I am proud to say that I love it. It really is one of the greatest places ever. They were one of the first people to introduce the Coolata that really revolutionized coffee drinking in the East.

I can probably write about it forever, so for now I am just going to highlight some of my favorite things and memories of this place.

1) Drinking Coolatas in the summer with my mom. These things are really the most delicious thing on the menu. When I found out just how many calories were in them I stopped drinking but if you really want a cooling, relaxing treat, go for it!

2) Having Nina drive the block to Dunkin Donuts on the way to school and drinking my iced coffee in my Journalism class while everyone else looked on in jealousy because they did not live near the Dunkin Donuts like I did.

3) Having Nina and Josh go and get us Dunkin Donuts on Sunday mornings. That was nice. She made eggs too!

4) French Vanilla Iced Coffee - when it is made just right, it is perfection!

5) Whole Wheat Bagles and Cream Cheese - With my iced coffee, it is the perfect Sunday breakfast.

6) Frosted Donuts with sprinkles - so yummy, what a treat!

7) Munchkins - When I first started at the Post I brought then on meetings, it was my signature move! Now I rely on adult beverages.

8) Going on dates with the sketchy kid I met at Dunkin Donuts. I do not know how many other places where you can be totally out of it the day after Halloween with sparkles still on your face and end up meeting a sketchy dude who is still in his Halloween costume that you only will refer to as Dunkin to your friends.

9) 3:00pm coffee runs to Dunkin for myself and the Finance boys. Yes, they never get it right when I order it but I like the 3:00pm coffee runs. It is cute.

10) Dunkin Smoothies - Thanks for advertising!!!!!!!!!!!!! They really are tasti and delicious and cost less than most other smoothie places.

America Runs on Dunkins and I like to run so we really are a perfect match.


Nina said...

Yes I miss our days in Boston when on a perfectly nice day we would drive a block to the DD and get bagels and iced coffees and I would make everyone breakfast..it was a great ritual

I also have to mention that they have great hot chocolate

Brian said...

I'm not a coffee drinker, so I don't have quite the same admiration for Dunkin Donuts. (I do miss their chocolate cream-filled donuts, though).

But all of my West Coast friends who are from back east or who have visited New York or Boston are DYING for Dunkin Donuts franchises out here. The demand is considerable.

Tienky said...

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Rori said...

Brian, I am always skeptical of people who do not drink coffee. You seem like a coffee person. Try it, it is great. Also they have really good Chai here so you might like that. It is sweet like a dessert.

Tienky, Thank you so much for reading the blog. You are my first internationl post! Maybe you could tell me a little bit about chain restaurants in China.

Josh K said...

One thing you did not mention that is so great about dunkin is the diversity in the clientele. For example, there are 2 strategically place DDs near my apartment. One is on my route to work so I stop there everyday. It's a more high-end dunkin with classier patrons; the nice old man (frank) who is there every morning with his crones almost like Tony Soprano hanging out outside the pork chop. The other is straight outta Boyz N The Hood and it's my weekend DDs destination. It's fascinating such diversity can exist in a 3-block radius but Dunkin can draw out the best of every neighborhood.

Dunkin is like crack for me and I'm proud to say I frequented the only DDs in Richmond Virginia (the heart of Krispy Kreme territory), driving 10 minutes out of my to get it on my way to work. It was one of those Baskin Robbins/Dunkin combo shops where they shoot the French Vanilla shots instead of brewing it fresh (so annoying).

Thanks for shout out. Those weekend runs; combined with those Sunday morning treks; combined with those 4 block treks with Vik and fire crotch to the Dunkin on Beacon for sausage egg and cheeses, helped solidify my love and devotion to Dunkin.

Rori said...

Josh welcome, it has been too long!
I figured you would liek the blog. I appreciate your comments and insight.

Brian said...

Coffee, I assume, is an acquired taste. I couldn't adjust to the taste whenever I tried some flavor or variety in high school.

And then I quit soda cold turkey during freshman year of college ---- which was quite an accomplishment, since I chugged a liter or two a day throughout high school.

So the idea of becoming a coffee drinker just seems counterintuitive to me: Why drink coffee if I quit soda to kick the caffeine habit? I do love Applebees' cappuccino cake, if that's any consolation. :-)