Thursday, May 3, 2007

Lenny's - It's Freakin Good

I had a special request for a post about Lenny's so here it goes.

A lot of my co-workers spoke so highly of this place but I was a bit apprehensive about it. You see, Lenny's is a bagel and sandwich shop and I am really not a sandwich person. I am so picky about what type of meat I like that I am always scared to try a new sandwich place because I think the chicken will be gross and hard or cold, yuck. Also I do not really eat cold cuts, so I am really limited in my sandwich options. Anyway, the first time I went I only got a bagel, it was OK nothing special. But, I was impressed with the cleanliness of this place. A lot of the NY sandwich places can be a bit dirty.

On a random day this winter I got to looking at the menu more and saw that there were a lot of options on the menu for me. I was assured by, I think Princess Lovey Dovey, that they chicken was top quality so I give it a try. Wow, much to my surprise I was in love. The chicken was good! Yippee!

Now I pretty much only get two things here. The classic, which is chicken, sun dried tomatoes, lettuce, onions and a little bit of fresh mozzarella. I also add some balsamic vinegar to give it some more flavor. You can pick whatever type of bread you want with your sandwich. I always get the wholewheat wrap now. I figure it is the healthiest choice and really brings out the flavor of all the stuff inside. Another great wrap here is the Chicken Terriyaki. It is chicken, terriyaki sauce, fresh mozzarella, lettuce and onions. I interchange between the two depending on my mood.

Other things I like about this place is that they have a quick and easy delivery service. Also, many cute boys go here at lunch. It is fun to see the boys who work at Rockefeller Center here in their suits.

One annoying thing about this place is that after you order your sandwich and pay they call out your number. Always, my sandwich takes so much longer than everyone elses.

Right now Lenny's is only in NYC but I think they could expand to places like Boston & LA.

Oh it is also cool because they have clippings of NY Post Page Six sightings of celebrities at Lenny's on the walls.

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Nina said...

There are a few amazing things here at Lennys
1- The yogurt granola cup...I dont even like those thing sbut for some reason its really yummy at lennys and fresh not like other places when you feel like its been sitting there for weeks
2-the thanksgiving wrap..its essentially hot fresh turkey, stuffing, gravy, and cranberry sauce..its truly amazing in a wrap
3-the tuna salad

I also have to mention that their on-line ordering is awesome