Monday, May 7, 2007

Fox Sports Grill - Not Impressed

I feel bad saying this because I should really love the Fox Sports Grill. It is owned by News Corp, has a nice ambiance, a nice menu but it is just so blah. I mean the idea of a nice sports bar is something I should love, but Fox Sports just falls flat. I have only been here a few times and each time I left with a kind of empty feeling.

My first complaint about this place is not about the food, no, instead it is about the placement of the TVs. I just don't get it. It is not that easy to see a game from every seat in the bar and restaurant. I mean you are a sports bar you should be able to see a Yankee game from every seat if that is what you so chose. Very annoying.

Now the food. I once got this appetizer there that was skillet cornbread. I mean what is that really. I guess it is my own fault for ordering it. It sucked. I am looking at the menu online now and they actually have some cool things on the menu like Chicken Lettuce Wraps, BBQ Shrimp and a Mozzarella Bake. Maybe if I go back I will try one of those options.

Truthfully, I do not even remember what I ordered as an entree here. I think it was a Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich. Anyway the fact that I do not really remember what I ate is a big deal. I always remember my meals. I might forget most of my friends birthdays, but food, I remember. Anyway, similar to the appetizer options there actually are a a lot of cool options on the menu. Maybe my problem with this place is that I compare it to Cheesecake Factory because they have similar price points and Cheesecake just blows it out of the water. I bet that is what it is.

I also went here once with my friends for a drink. What a terrible scene. I mean yes, it is in a mall in Rockland County but still it was pretty bad. The only people in there were underage tools. No thank you.

I actually think that if this was not in the mall and perhaps a free standing restaurant it would be a lot better. I am sure some of the locations out West are a bit cooler.


steve said...

They are no Espn Zone.

Brian said...

Funny you posted about Fox Sports Grill today. My buddy went to the one in Scottsdale Sunday afternoon, and called me to rave about it. He liked the meal, but seemed more impressed by the preponderance of HDTVs and the billiards room and all the other amenities.

Robert said...

Please do not eat at Fox Sports Grill. I use to work in a Fox Sports Grill and you don't want to know what goes on back in the kitchen. Cooks don't wash their hands, servers sometime accidentally drop food on the floor and pick it back up to serve. About once a month Fox Sports Grill has a "Bug Night." Bug Night is a night where Fox has the restaurant chemically sprayed for bugs because they always have an infestation of fruit flys. Please do not eat at Fox Sports Grill.