Friday, May 1, 2009

Le Pain Quotidien - Everyday Bread or Bread Everyday - I Don't Know

Not gonna lie I had to look up the definition of quotidien, I assumed it was French, but alas, I was incorrect. Le Pain Quotidien is actually a Belgian chain. Look at that.
Anyway, I apologize for taking some time off blogging. I have no excuse but I am back so...Hollah (yeah for some reason I say that a lot now).

So yesterday I met my buddy Alana for lunch here. Ah, how I miss actually having someone to get lunch with at work. I picked it because I have seen these opening up a bit and thought I should give it another try. You see the first time I ate here was when I was a wee-bit sales assistant who only ate things like chicken nuggets. When I went with some of my co-workers at the time they just loved it, I on the other hand was stuck eating bread with jelly. I believe the girls teased me about it and looked on in disgust. Perhaps that is why they would sometimes not include me on their happy hours. Whatevs, I can prob out drink them all now anyway. Ok, sorry for all the side stories, back to the food.
So yes, I totes eat more food now so I figured I would give it a try. The menu includes lots of sandwiches, tartines (just bread with stuff on top) and salads. Some that caught my eye were the Mozzarella di Bufala & Plum Tomatoes, Shrimp Salad (that has avocado and mango), Mediterranean Platter, Tofu Curry Salad Tartine and the Grilled Chicken and Smoked Mozzarella Tartine. But, the item that really caught my eye was the Black Bean Hummus Tartine and that is the one I went with. Overall it was pretty good but I found it kind of expensive for what it was. All it was, was 5 small slices of bread (that was actually a bit hard) with Black Bean Hummus and avocado on top. It it was more like an appetizer, not an actual meal. I wanted to get Mister Softee when I was done. My dining buddy said she was satisfied with her Turkey Tartine, I do not see how. I bet she was lying and probably could have gone for some Mister Softee too.

Also, the service here was not really that good. I had to ask for Sweet n Low a few times, they didn't have any, only Splenda, boo and our waitress got Alana's order wrong. Duh!

Besides the lunch items I mentioned this place has lots of teas, coffees and yummy looking desserts. I got a chamomile mint iced tea. It was just ok, nothing to write home about.
But the desserts look pretty awesome. They have this sweet Belgium Waffle (that should have probably given it away to me that this was a Belgian and not French place) thing that look amazing. They also had all sorts of tarts like a mixed berry one and a, hold on to your seats, a pistachio one. Those are probably awesome!

All in all, def not my fav place and I probably will not run back. Places like Urth Cafe are WAY better.


Alana said...

me being the lunch buddy i must say the service was terrible, which maybe made my deciding factor of not gonna go back again. I really enjoyed my company so i will DEF meet her again. My turkey was just stunk because i couldn't eat the bread. i guess i expected something different. I must agree with Rori that the desserts looked great and would try one of them especially their homemade gronala.

Nina said...

This place sounds like it sucks...I got an ice coffee from here once and it blew...this is also in LA and is bi....coastal like you :)

Anonymous said...

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