Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Man is Mister Softee

It is a beautiful day in NYC and there is no better way to celebrate than indulging in a marvelous treat, Mister Softee!! After lunch I went and got some vanilla frozen yogurt from my favorite Mister Softee truck on 45th and 6th. He offers a delicous fat free(so it says, who knows if it is true, doesnt taste fat free) vanilla frozen yogurt in a small cup for the discount price of $2.50. On a beauitful day like today, there is no better way to celebrate.

Little Chrissy got Mister Softee from a competing truck on 48th street and his chocolate soft serve (not yogurt) set him back $3.00 and came is a smaller cup. Ha ha suckah, learn from your elders!

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Anonymous said...

Take a closer look - "your man" is not Mister Softee.

Mister Softee Inc.