Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Chains of Dodger Stadium

On my most recent visit to LA I took a trip to discover the chains of Dodger Stadium. Of course the day I chose for my expedition just so happened to be the day it was revealed that Manny was on the juice as well and would not be playing. That sucked, I was looking forward to booing him and that trader Joe Torre.
I had no idea what to expect on my arrival to the historic field. It is in a very pretty location, close to the city, yet the surrounding make you feel like you are in a mountain park wonderland.
The first chain I saw when I walked through the old, vintage gates was, OMFG, Gordon Biersch. Can you believe it, I love this place, which is surprising because usually I am no a big fan of German things. Now, they don't serve the food menu really, just beer, I had one. It was a heffenwizen and it was delicious! They also serve garlic fries and they looked and smelled off the chain! Another chain I noticed was Carls Jrs. Carls offered lots of premade burgers, fries and chicken fingers as well as a hot dog. I refused to order my hot dog there because I wanted a grilled one, not a boiled one.
In addition Dodger Stadium offers Wetzel Pretzels (which looked delicious), Panda Express and a chain pizza ( I forgot which one, sorry - bad blogger).

All and all not really stellar. I guess I am spoiled with my Yankee Stadium grandeur!


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you Rori... definitely a good time and i enjoyed my hot dog which hopefully will get posted later :)

Next time, Angels stadium.. Thanks for including me on your blog!

Brian said...

Gordon Biersch is one of my favorite chains. High ceilings, tons of glass, good food, HDTVs everywhere and great drinks. (I've heard they're also in Virginia and Florida; not just the Southwest).

Nick said...

Sick seats! I love a good Bierch and am thrilled to find out they have locations on the East Coast.