Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nothing More American Than Times Sq, BBQ Food & Me!

It has finally opened, Dave's Famous BBQ, on West 47th St. Three feet from my office and three feet from the Sbarro featured in The Office.
I went yesterday with some co-workers to test out the place and overall, it was a hit! The first time I went to a Dave's Famous BBQ, I did not love, but this time, I was much happier.
To start the meal I got a huge margarita. I was just having one of those days that I needed a drinky at lunch. I think I am old enough to do stuff like that now. Oh, I should note before I start talking about food, that the decor inside is super fun. You can tell by the pictures, they did a great job decorating the place. The bar is huge and will make a great happy hour destination. I just hope they eventually offer happy hour specials. In this tough economic climate, they would be silly not to. Also, the drink menu is very large with fun twists on Long Island Iced Teas and many Margarita flavors.
Ok, back to the food. The cutest thing they did at this place was give you a little bowl of french fries to dip all the sauces in to try them before your meal. It was a nice touch that let you see which BBQ sauce was the right one for you. No shock here, mine was Rich N' Sassy.
For my entree I went very simple, a grilled chicken sandwich and mashed sweet potatoes. The sandwich was huge, two big chicken breasts. I only ate one of them and smothered it in Rich N' Sassy sauce. The mashed sweet potatoes were not very good. They were kinda bland and could have used more cinnamon. My co-workers seemed very happy with their meal. Chrissy of course got a huge brisket platter and ate like half of it. His came with corn, corn bread (that was awesome), garlic mashed and my favorite.....mac n cheese. I ate a lot of his mac n cheese because it was awesome. It had corn and jalapenos in it. I would have got it as my side, but it said it had 710 calories and that scared me. I figured if I ate it off someone elses plate the calories would not count. Just like how they don't count in margaritas. My other co-worker who is currently touring Italy (figured I would send him off with a good ol'American BBQ meal before he has to eat awesome pasta and wine for 9 days and then find me a nice Italian Stallion to bring home in his spare time) got a pulled pork sandwich that he seemed happy with.
All and all, Dave's is a welcome addition to my work neighborhood. This is not the best BBQ you are going to find in the city, but it has a fun atmosphere, great location (for me) and some decent food.

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Brian said...

I doubt I'd go to a Famous Dave's when in New York. There are just too many good restaurants ahead of it.

But when in a place as isolated as Yuma, Ariz., where the pickings are among McDonalds, Applebees and Famous Dave's, you'll find me at the BBQ joint. (Or if I'm desperate for a burger, In 'N Out).