Monday, August 2, 2010

Ronaldo McDonaldi

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A trip to a foreign land would not be complete without exploring what the McDonald's is like in that land.
It is fun to see the different personalities each country brings to its best restaurant, McDonald's.  When I was in Italy I was pretty sure that the McDonald's there would have pizza, kinda like when they tried to introduce the McPizza in the USA.  I am glad that didn't work out.  Anyway, I was wrong, no McPizza.  The menu in Rome was very similar to the one in the US, just a bit abridged.  One thing that did totally stand out to me though was that they had fried shrimp!   I thought that was cool.  As always, I was there for one thing... the Chicken McNugget.  On my last day I fought through my infantile ear infection, exhaustion & dizziness and found the McDonald's right across the street from the Pantheon, how historic!   Jen M was kind enough to go with me on this expedition.  It was an expedition because the Trevi Fountain McDonald's had no power and was closed. 
Overall, I thought the chicken nuggie was pretty good, but still prefer the American version.  I think the American version has a lighter more airy batter.   This nuggie was a bit more crisp and hard in Italy.   The meat was totally white and for my chicken, I like that.   Jen M said she prefered the Italian version.  Really, both are quite delicious!  The dipping sauces are similar to what I found in Spain, honey mustard, bbq and some curry thing.  I just went with the bbq and honey mustard one.  I guess it is Italy, it would have been cool if they had a pesto or tomato dipping sauce.  I love some sauce!
So, there it is, one more McDonalds conquered.  I can't wait for my next one!

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