Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ice Ice Baby

Blue Ice, Ice Baby.  That tune was in my head throughout my fantastic voyage to Italy.  One of the greatest food discoveries I found during my travels was the glorious gelato chain, Blue Ice.  These are everywhere in Rome.  In fact on one cute street near Campo di Fiore there are two only about 50 feet away from each other.  It is safe to say that Blue Ice is the Starbucks of Rome.  Between me and my travel buddies we were able to sample many, many flavors.  Some of the favorites were the Black Cherries and Cream, Coconut, Grapefruit (of course), Raspberry, Stracciatelli and Tiramissu.  One of my travel companions did not like the Tiramissu, but the vacum (me) came in to scoop it up and enjoy!
So if you are ever in Rome and need a refreshing treat, I really recommend stopping by Blue Ice.  After so many days of delicious gelato, it makes going back to Tasti D, extra hard!

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