Monday, July 5, 2010

Central Park Chain Emerges From The Meadows

In honor of my girl Brookie's upcoming nuptials this weekend, I decided to start blogging again and drinking more Stoli Raz.   I was in Central Park today getting some sun so I could be a tan bridesmaid when I saw a chain arise in the distant meadow.  Many thought it was too hot for the sun today, but not I and not Jen Roy.   Good thing I worship the sun because as I sweated in the meadow I saw the first Central Park chain, and what was this chain you may ask?  None other than one of Brookie's favorite spots, Le Pain Quotidien.  I am not a huge fan of this place because I think it is kinda expensive for what it is but I eat her with Brookie because it's a bit nicer than your typical Manhattan deli lunch spot.  No matter what, I am glad to see a chain in Central Park and could see myself getting some bread with some crap on top of it while I continue to go to Central Park this summer burning my skin.
So in honor of Le Pain Quotidien and the future Mrs. Weissman I lift up my $4.00 favored iced tea from Le Pain Quotidien and I say Mazel!

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