Friday, August 13, 2010

My Response to Eater's List

My heterolifemate, Nini just sent me a link from Eater naming their picks for the top 10 chain restaurants that need to come to NY.  I am outraged that they did not contact me, the NYC chain restaurant extraordinaire, for input.  By not contacting me, they totally messed up and missed so many key chain restaurants that need to come to NYC.  Here are their picks with my comments.  Sonic (ok might be cool), Waffle House (no let it be a southern thing), Krispy Kreme (we had and we have enough donut stores -this is the most egregious pick), Dairy Queen (eh), Denny's (no, it is really for WT and I like my island for the lack of WT), Cracker Barrel (this is a country thing, good, but not for the city), P.F. Changs (yes, yes, yes) Chilli's (sure but not necessary), Chick Fil-A (yeah I would hit that) and In N Out (obvi yes).

For the correct list of the the top 10 Chain Restaurants that need to open in NY.  See below.

10)  Blue Ice Gelato
9)  Yogurtland (bc it is now Phileo)
8)  Katsuya
7) Panera (would be great for lunch, better than freakin Le Pain)
6) In N Out (give Shake Shack a run for it's money)
5) Cheesecake Factory
4) Del Taco (heard it was good)
3)  P.F. Changs (my parents would prob visit me more, if that is even possible)
2)  Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (please)
1) JOSE TEJAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (no shock here)


Rori said...

Joe's American Bar & Grill should be on my list too!

Nina said...

caribou coffee and i agree joes american bar & grill as well

i agree their list is screwed up and they should have consulted a true chain master...i hope you contact them and set them straight!

Rori said...

Actually here are some more Red Robin, Grand Lux Cafe, Kona Grill, Caribou Coffee (thanks Nin), TEXAS ROADHOUSE (should really be on my list as #3)

Anonymous said...

There's a Panera in Astoria already

Lauren said...

I definitely agree with you on adding In-N-Out to the list! I go to college in Arizona and every time I come home to Boston for breaks I always get so sad that we still have no In-N-Outs! Hello, it's delicious. Also, I don't know if they have these in NYC but Einstein's Brothers Bagels are amazing! I love their asiago cheese bagels and their strawberry cream cheese is to die for! Yummmm. The east coast needs to get the ball rolling and get some of these great places! I can’t believe NYC doesn’t have P.F. Changs either! Man, you guys have a crappy baseball team (Sorry, I’m obviously a Red Sox fan!) and no chicken lettuce wraps either? What a travesty.

Tracy said...

Pollo Tropical is THE BEST fast food.