Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pop The Champagne, It's The Birth of a Chain

Mazel Tov Lavo!  Congratulations and welcome to the world of chains.
It is with great pleasure that I announce that Lavo will be opening in NY, therefore having 2 locations and being a chain.  The original outpost is in fabulous Las Vegas at the luxurious Palazzo Hotel.  Lavo is run by the same peeps that run Tao and I certainly love me some Tao.  Lavo is an Italian restaurant.  I went in Vegas and from what I can remember, which sadly is not much, it was quite lovely and quite delicious.  I do remember the nice waiter that Nini became friends with and eating meatballs that were yummy and a pasta dish.  I was kinda a hot mess that night, not gonna lie.  Oh well.  Now that it is opening up in NY I can have it again soon.  My bro claims he has a connection and can get us into opening night.  Fingers crossed!!  If that happens, you can expect a full blog posting on it.

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Nina said...

I hope i can go opening night too!!!!!!!!!! Yes it was delicious and yes our waiter was lovely...i liked his suspenders...and yes teh food was good...extremely large not finishiable (even for us) portions...and would have eben better if my dining partner finished the meal with me