Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Press Your Luck

Press is a healthy wrap focused take-out spot located on the border of Murray Hill and Gramercy.  There is also a second location near Madison Sq Park.  With 2 locations, it's...wait for it...a microchain.  I love using my new word.
After happy hour with some Post Alumni I was hungry after my typical glasses of white wine so a fellow alumni suggested we go to Press.  I thought it must have been fate, because I have been meaning to try it since it opened many months ago in the hood and cousin randomly brought the menu to my apt a few days ago.
The layout of Press is relatively minimalistic and modern.  You order the basics of the wrap at the cashier, which is the type of wrap you want, choices include white, whole wheat, sun dried tomato and rosemary, plus your main ingredient.  I went with chicken, but you could also get veggies or steak.  You quickly move to the press and fill bar (I came up with that name) where for some reason it takes a bit of time for the Press men to get your wrap ready and then fill it up with the rest of the wrap.  What I liked best about Press is that you get to pick exactly what you want inside your wrap.  I picked lettuce, sauted onions, and a bit of cabbage.  You also get to pick your sauce.  I love sauces. I went with the Blood Orange Viniagette and found it fab, but you could also get BBQ Sauce, Pesto, Honey Mustard, etc.
It is a nice sized wrap and not too messy to eat.  All and all, I was very happy with my Press.
Reviews I read said this place was expensive.  I really didn't find it expensive at all so those people saying that on menupages must be tourists or something.

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