Sunday, December 7, 2008

Everybody Starts Somewhere

Is it just me or is everyone and their mother pregnant? Between my office and my little Tyrone, it is babypalooza. Don't worry, I am not preggers so I can continue drinking my way through my twenties. Let's face it, I can't even get a dude to buy me dinner, how can I expect someone to care for me and little Shelby Aiden.

So I am not preggers and can't find a dude to buy me dinner BUT I do have some fabulous friends. So fabulous in fact that they always send me links to articles about chain restaurants. Here is one that really caught my eye. I have had it for a while but I have been so busy traveling that I have not been able to talk about it. Alas, here it is. It is all about where some of the most famous chain restaurants got their start, their birth!

For example, Carvel was born in Hartsdale, NY. Westchester!!!! I have actually been to that Carvel because so much of my summer life was spent in my favorite NY suburb. I am way too classy for Rockland, my parents should have moved to Scarsdale. I should have spoke up more when I was 12 and we moved out of the city.

Other interesting things learned in this article are that Subway was originally Pete's Super Submarine and was founded in Bridgeport, Ct. The first McDonalds was in Illinois. Well, well, well Illinois, you are the home to my baby McDonalds and the home to our 1st black president, arent you special. Wow, you make NY look pretty weak. The first Burger King was in Miami, I am surprised about that one. The first Starbucks is obvi in Seattle. I have been there and it was really nothing special. I am just not a Starbucks girl at all. Give me Coffee Bean, Caribou or Dunkin anyday over that stuff. Wendy's which mommydawg served for dinner many nights was born in Ohio (dont you think Wendy's should do a takeover on the Post and Chain of Food). I don't really like Ohio. I feel people from there are pretty lame. They are. I mean the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is cool besides that, what the hell is cool about Ohio. Actually I take that back, P&G is in Ohio and if you know me, I love me some P&G. Atlanta, home of Nene, Kim and all the other housewives is actually the birthplace of Chick Fil A, OMFG, so freaking good and Applebees. I am not going to lie. I always wished that my picture was up in Applebees representing NRHS. I think I deserve it. Maybe a prom pic or a Key Club event, something. The first Dunkin Donuts is in Quincy, Mass. Hmm, I usually hate everything out of Massachusetts. Not Dunkin. I am proud to say the NYC is the birth place of TGI Friday's. Yeah, NYC, go big or go home. TGI Friday's was for so long my favorite chain so it makes me smile to know that we share the same birthplace.

Anyway, see the link below for some more chain birthplaces. My third favorite city, Beverly Hills is the mommy of many awesome chains like CPK and the Cheesecake Factory.


Nina said...

Honey screw the boys I will take you to dinner.....

Thank you Mass. for Dunkin without it I dont know what I would do every morning...hey rori didnt you meet a boy in a dunkin donuts...and didnt you nickname him dunkin.....

Anonymous said...

Yes I did and he was a short loser. He paid for my dinner though. That is a plus. I also think he played soccer. I like soccer.
You dont need to take me to dinner nini. We will have uncle rup take us one night.

Alana said...

preggers is def the word of the past few months.
ugh i miss you so much.

very interesting article...i like the idea.

when can i see you...and i need to hear about your LA trip if you no what i mean..

liz said...

rordawg, you won't believe it...i am in praque and one of our tour guides said that the guy who gave americans mcdonald's is actually czech! there are alot of mcdonalds here!