Friday, December 12, 2008

Katsuya - Go Stand Next to Nobu Because You Are a Chain Too

Katsuya, Katsuya, Katsuya, how trendy and cool you are. Trendy and cool my friend, but obvi a chain. With three locations in the LA area plus plans to open in Vegas and Miami, you are certainly a member of the chain food family and because of that, I can blog about you.

I had the honor of dining at the Hollywood location with lovely clients and one of my bosses. As any loyaly chain of food reader knows, my immediate boss ditched me so I have a whole new slew of bosses, yippee!

The ambiance of Katsuya is very cool and very trendy. Paper boss (that is what I just decided to call him) noticed that there were all these knives near the bar that were in tall columns of glass. I guess they were kinda like cocktail tables. Interesting.

Anyway when I was seated with my clients I think they put us in the VIP section. I kinda learned how to hint to hostesses that I am a food blogger so they must put me where the important people sit. We started with edamame and these delicious sauteed shisito peppers. Those were my pick and damn were they good. Very flavorful and not overwhelming at all. Katsuya, if you couldn't tell by the name is a Japanese restaurant and the focus of the menu is sushi. RorDawg is just not a sushi fan. I know people hate that about me, but I am sorry. I need my food cooked. I do not think that is a weird thing at all. There is a reason there are stoves and pans and microwaves and all that stuff. Anyway, you pretty much just ordered a bunch of dishes and share them all here. I let everyone order all their crazy sushi dishes like spicy tail sashimi, yuck. I made sure to order Rori food too though. I got a shrimp tempura roll with rice paper. Now that is a sushi I can eat. No seaweed and my food is cooked, thank you! I also got a Kobe steak dish with mushrooms. That seemed to be a real crowd pleaser. We even ordered a second one. I liked it but for sure have had better meats at places like Koi and Tao. The drink I got here was phemon. It was a White Grapefruit Cosmo, I do not think you can have a more perfect drink for me. I only had two because I was the designated driver (can you believe it?). What a hot car it was too, a white Chevy Malibu that smelled like a camel. Every time I got in the car I said, Paper boss, do you think it smells like a camel in here. Gross dude.

At the end of the meal Paper boss was still hungry and was making all these jokes about needing a pizza still. I was rather stuffed but still had room for dessert. Besides the drink, the dessert was my favorite part. We got Mochi Ice Cream, I never heard of it before but it was so so so good. It is really just little balls of ice cream wrapped in some sort of thin jello like material. I was afraid at first to try it because it sounded weird, but boy am I glad I did. We also got Creme Brulee and a very rich Chocolate Cake.

The real amazing part of my journey at Katsuya was all of the great celebrity sightings. The first was John Leguizano and that cutie Jay Hernandez. I have always had a thing for him since he was in that movie Crazy Love with dirty Kirsten Dunst. Also sitting two tables away was Cacee Cobb, who was celebrating her birthday, Donald Fiason, Zach Braff and Ken Paves. Not too shabby for one night.


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