Monday, December 15, 2008

Urth Caffe - One of the Best Places On Earth

If you are in on the LA scene like I obviously am then you know what Urth Caffe is. If you aren't, it's cool, I will give you a quick explanation. Urth Caffe is a coffee, tea, salad, soup and sandwich shop located in the LA area. There are 4 locations, the one I went to and of course the most trendy is located on Melrose in West Hollywood. It was also the first location as well. Also if you watch Entourage and read the Gossip pages you might notice the name because it is always mentioned on both. I really wanted to run into Turtle there and talk about the Yankees and CC or what it it like to date my twin, something.

It is a very unassuming looking place. There are tons of tables outside so a New Yorker like me can take in the LA sun while dining, maybe even get some color on my see through skin. Inside it looks like any other coffee shop. What impressed me most about this place was the menu. It was like catered to me almost. I had a hard time picking between all the great salad and sandwich options. I figured because so many celebs go there it must be all be healthy. I went with a bowl of the butternut squash soup and a half size pesto chicken salad. Let me tell you, this was no half size portion. Huge portion, huge! It was all just so delicious. The soup was perfect and the salad was filled with chicken and a great pesto sauce that somehow managed to not hurt my belly. You order at the counter and get a number and then a waiter brings you your food. I like that a lot. I find that very relaxing. Other menu options that caught my eye was of course the hummus, a farmers market salad with lots of dried fruits, and a chicken curry sandwich. After seeing Slumdog Millionaire and The Namesake and singing Heart to Rikin all the time, I love anything with Curry! They have tons of organic coffees and teas too. I went with an iced tea because it was lunch time. Quite refreshing for my lunch time celeb spotting spree. Oh yes Urth Caffe is where I saw Queen Latifah pull up in her sick Rolls Royce Phantom Convertible. Truthfully, the car is a bit much. I like nice cars A LOT but something like that almost looks like a cartoon character of a fancy car. Give me my little Saab Convertible any day over that.
Oh they also have valet parking here which is ridiculous, but I did it. I will never risk getting towed again.
Anyway, I get why this place is so cool now. Next time I am in LA I am going to make sure to go again. I would love a place like this to open in NY. I envision it near Madison Square Park or in the village.


Rikin said...

On behalf of the Indian community, you are now an honorary member and receive the official validation that curry <3's you too.

Wishing you the warmest of masalas

- Rikin

Nina said...

I think next time you are in LA you should propose to Urth, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and tell them to open a Murray Hill or Gramercy Location