Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Travel Channel is a Wealth of Information

I have a new love.... and it is The Travel Channel. It started with this special on Steaks then progressed into an obsession with the dude from Man vs. Food (he is no Eater X - but a close second). The Travel Channel should really be called the Food Travel Channel because 85% of their shows have something to do with food. What is great is that a lot of the times they focus on, you guessed it, chains! I wanted to share some of the knowledge I learned from the various shows I have been watching with you, my loyal readers.

The coolest thing I learned is that The Palm started in New York on Second Ave (that is not the cool part). If you go to any Palm (they have many because it is a chain) you will see all the cartoon drawings on the wall. That actually started because newspaper people would exchange their drawings for food. Awesome. So now, they have a frequent dining club there called the 837 club and if you earn enough points (I think it is 25,00o) you can have a cartoon of yourself put on the wall. How cool is that? I really want a cartoon Rori on the walls of The Palm. Maybe I can barter my positive blog reviews for a cartoon of me! Who would not want to have a cartoon version of me staring at them while they are dining on a piece of cow carcass and creamed spinach.
Another extremely interesting chain fact I learned while watching The Travel Channel is that the Potato Skin was invented at TGI Fridays. I like potato skins. I am not a big cheese person, but overall, skins are a great appetizer as long as the bacon bits are good and not fake.

I also learned how nachos were invented but it wasn't at a chain so I can not talk about it. I will say though, that it was in Mexico. That is all you are getting out of me.

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Travel said...

Great post! I'm glad you have learned so much on the Travel Channel, and yes there is a lot of food....everyone loves food right? Stay tuned, Man V. Foods is headed to Chicago this week!