Monday, November 24, 2008

East Side Mario's - Will Always Have a Special Place on the West Side of My Heart

Oh East Side Mario's, how did it take me this long to write about you. I actually forgot about you for awhile but when I was brainstorming ideas for new blog posts you came up again.

For those that do not know, East Side Mario's is an Italian chain restaurant that has a NY, Little Italy theme. The best way to describe it is that it is like the NY, NY casino in Vegas but a restaurant. It is based in Canada and had a few locations in the USA - one was once in Ramsey, NY. It was at that location that I had my first date with HSB (high school boyfriend) and many more after. Looking back now, of course HSB would take me to a chain. He was so smart and somehow knew that one day I would make a career of writing about chain restaurants (ok, maybe not a career but def a hobby.

I vividly remember pulling up to East Side Mario's in that hot white Ford Taurus. Damn that was a sweet ride. From the second I walked inside, I know I was going to love it. It had such a fun, lively atmosphere. Maybe it was not romantic, but who cares, I have Nina when I need romance.

At East Side Mario's you start the meal with delicious hot garlic bread. HSB was so excited for me to try these. I bet he doesn't eat carbs anymore because it would ruin his healthy physique. Obvi, I eat carbs. You also get unlimited soup or salad here. I got the soup because back in HS I did not eat salad. I wish HSB could see me today because I think he would be proud to see me eating my veggies. His mom would be too. For my entree I got the Chicken Parm. It was a huge delicious portion.

This is my favorite part of the story. I guess I did not really know how to cut my food that well back then which is just bizarre, but whatever. Anyway, HSB was so cute and noticed me having problems with my chicken parm so he taught me the proper way to hold a knife and fork. It is a skill I still use today! In fact, I was recently out to lunch with my friend Ted and he complimented me on my table manners. So HSB, thank you for sharing your skills with me.

I can not tell you about the drinks here because back in HS I did not really drink. Yes you read that correctly. Clearly and thankfully that has changed.

Sadly HSB and I broke up when he was in college and I could never go back into an East Side Mario's. It was just too painful. Whenever Brett wanted to tease me he would say, Rori, where should we go to dinner - East Side Mario's - ha ha. That was mean little Bretty. I hope Fordham loses. Ironically, East Side Mario's closed its Ramsey doors a few years after I stopped going. I think that was very symbolic.


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Nina said...

This is one of your best postings..I love it..When we move to Greenwhich or Westport I will take you to many romantic dinners...perhaps a future posting should be on romantic chains...

HSB would really be proud of the veggies you eggplant..and zuchini..and peppers...