Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome To My Blog Mommy Dawg

So I have a new loyal reader, Mommy Dawg. I am so excited that she decided to join the 21st century and learn how to use the internet. Little did I know that her favorite thing to do would be reading Chain of Food (one would assume it would be online shopping). The first thing she said about the blog was not, Ror, I am concerned, you refer to yourself as an alcoholic a few times or maybe you should not blog so much and focus on selling ads. Nope, she said, "Why don't you write about me more." Well old lady, be careful what you wish for cause you just might get, cause you just might get it.

I would like to highlight some memorable Mommy Dawg chain moments throughout my life (I wish I had some background music for this).

My most favorite is of course watching her drink 3 sips of her sour apple martini at Carmine's a few years ago and getting so drunk from 3 sips that she could hardly walk up the stairs and then giggled her cute Mommy Dawg giggle throughout the whole dinner. She is now forbidden to drink sour apple martinis because I do not like being embarrassed at Carmine's, especially in front of the cute waiter we always have.

Most great chain mommy memories come from TGI Friday's. One summer we actually ate their EVERY single day after camp. It would be 4:30 and we would be the only ones in the restaurant. Even though I was a teenager at the time, I ordered from the kids menu and had to lie and say I was 12. I wonder why I am a chicken finger freak, it is probably because I spent a good portion of my life eating nothing but chicken fingers and french friends from Fridays. Nice way to teach you kids about nutrition mom. Oh and then the Friday's points. Nothing made Mommy Dawg happier than collecting her Friday's points so she could earn things like free appetizers. Getting a free Sesame Jack Chicken Strips would be the highlight of her month. I am pretty sure that if she saved all her points we would totally have earned a free vacation. Collecting the Frequent Friday's Points was always a difficult process for Mommy Dawg because she could never find her card because it was floating around in the great dark abyss also know as her purse. The waiters would have to stand around waiting for her to find her card, "one second I know it is in here somewhere." One second, yeah right, how about 15 minutes. Luckily the Friday's staff has so much flair that they never would get annoyed at her. She was their best customer after all.

See Mommy Dawg, I write about you! I hope this weekend we can create some more chain memories. Jose Tejas baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nina said...

Welcome Mommy Dog Molly!!!!!

You truly made Rordawg the chain expert that she is today.

Rordawg..I really think you could have written more baout all the chains your mama introduced you too..MDM dserves a longer post

Anonymous said...

I can not stop laughing about your blog. Lois and I keep reading it and can not stop laughing. I am glad Nina knows I am in the 21st Century. Stop blogging and make a lot of money to put me in a good senior citizen environment.


Nina said...

Molly no senior citizen enviornment for will live with me and rori in conneticut