Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ruby Tuesday is Blowing Up

I have to say as a chain food expert and advertising extraordinaire (ok maybe I am just mediocre) this interesting Ruby Tuesday ad campaign and image overhaul is really a dream come true for me. I actually really like Ruby Tuesday and do not see the need for the great change but I do see how things are shifting to more upscale dining experiences overall. Essentially the are "blowing up" the last Ruby Tuesdays online today. Very exciting!!!

After that there will be new ads showing the new Ruby Tuesdays and all it had to offer. I am kind of excited to see. No matter what, I really hope they keep their salad bar. Me and Nina, I mean Lilo, really loved it there. We had so many great lunches after long days of Boston shopping there back in the day.

Here is the blow up that just happened online.

I am checking out the new menu now and it seems pretty good. Some things that stand out to me are the shrimp and chicken fingers platter, Shrimp Diablo, Chicken Fresco, Chicken Bella (someone can make a joke here), and the Fresh Avocado Quesadilla. It seems they still will have the salad bar which is freaking awesome. Also they have some smart eating choices which I am very into. You can get seafood, steak or chicken and then pick 2 sides. That is really perfect for me. Very cool, good job!

From the pics on the site, the new look is not that different. It kind of looks the way the new Friday's look. Eh

Anyway, I hope to try this out soon and let you know firsthand how everything is.

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Nina said...

OMG this is great..we really used to have some great lunches there sam...across from the really nice high class mall..Fridays really went down hill after they got rid of baked potatoes....