Friday, August 15, 2008

Everyone Deserves a Second Chance

As I grow older and wiser I see that everyone deserves a second chance. Therefore after much hesitation I decided to enter the grand garden in Time Square with some co-workers today for lunch. Olive Garden is actually one of the closest chains to my office and stands 3 glorious stories high smack in the middle of Manhattan. I also decided to give this place another try because it has been getting a lot of press lately due to the fact that they are not so into having my favorite Girl Next Door Kendra endorse them all the time on her show. I guess they think they are classier than she is. Sadly, they really aren't. I love Kendra. If I was a big boobed, blonde, I think I would be like her. She likes sports and tries to act ghetto. I doubt she is a republican though.

Anyway, I went to Olive Garden in Times Square and it was great! I only got the Soup, Salad and Unlimited Breadstick lunch but it was awesome. The salad was really tasty. I liked the dressing and the fact that they put Parmesan cheese on top. I also like the soup. The best one is the pasta fagiola. It is really tasty and filled with pasta, beans, beef and veggies. It was great. The breadsticks were OK. They were a bit salty and I think maybe could have had more garlic on them or something. Overall, I was really pleased with my experience and for $8.95 it is a great deal in this big city of ours.
I am still afraid to try any of their actual dishes. Maybe oneday. Not a work day though.


Nina said...

Why are you scared to have one of their meals? Did something happen? Did you have a bad experience?

What kind of dressing is so good? What comes in the salad?

Liz said...

I concur, Rori. I was not impressed with Oliva Garden. Not even with their breadsticks.

Liz said...

of course, I meant OlivE garden