Monday, August 4, 2008

Pret a Manger - Yeah I am Ready

So I have a new love. It is Pret a Manger and lucky for me it is across the street from my office. When these first started opening up in NY I did not like at all. I think it is because I am much more adventurous in my eating habits then I was even 2 years ago. Now I love things like avocado and chipotle mayo ( I know I am CRAZY).

For those not familiar Pret a Manger is a sandwich, soup and salad chain that I believe originated in London. When my friend Erin lived in London she always spoke highly of the place. Again when I first tried I did not love. Everything is already prepared so you can not pick and chose what you want in your sandwich or salad and that annoyed me because I am kind of picky and only like the things I like.

Then cousin said he really liked it recently so I gave it another chance and boy am I glad I did. They have this FABULOUS chipotle shrimp sandwich. It is fresh, succulent shrimp with avocado, lettuce and a spicy chipotle mayo. I love it! I also love their chicken, mozzarella, tomato baguette. What is great about this place is you can get half (they call them slim) sandwiches so I mix and match. Today I mixed and matched the ones I just told you about. I have also tried the hummus sandwich here but I did not really love that. Cosi has a much better one.

Sometimes I mix half a sandwich with a soup. My go to soup is the butternut squash with apples. It is a bit more watery then other butternut squash soups but I still really like it.

I never had breakfast here but it looks like they have nice granola and yogurt parfaits as well as some fun pastries.

In closing I really recommend this place. It is perfect for grabbing a quick sandwich. They def have a gourmet taste and feel to them and everything tastes fresh.

So get ready and go eat!!!

Oh I just looked online and it seems the only American Pret locations are in NY and they do not seem to be in a rush to open anymore. I think they would do well in cities like DC and Boston. Maybe I will open one in Boston and then move into one of Somberg's extra bedrooms and hang out with Tyrone.


Nina said...

agreed love this place..spicy falafel wrap is off thoe hook yo

Cousin said...

Thanks for the shoutout!! I miss Pret! They have really good coffee for the morning too. Way cheaper than Starbucks. They also have a lot of options for Tea. But what I miss most are the croissants. Those of you not counting calories should def. grab one. They're buttery and delicious but I'm sure pretty bad for you.

Erin said...

Due to the fact that you have mentioned me in your blog, I feel the need to respond for the first time. Danielle and I did love Pret in London and I am glad to see that you have changed your opinion of this wonderful place! I miss it...I haven't been in a long time!

Sadia said...

Im currently suffering from food poisoning from their falafel wrap. As i have boycotted starbucks, i dont hesitate to do the same to pret-a-minger!!!!