Friday, November 30, 2007


There are some things that are so wonderful, delicious and decadent that they are almost too good to be true. One of those things is a Cinnabon. If Cinnabons weren't probaly 1,000 calories each I would have one every single time I went to the mall and walked by one (which is a lot because I shop a lot). I just read on their website that the cinnamon used to make the treat is actually from Indonesia which is really good news. I mean have you ever seen a fat Indonesian person, maybe these things are good for you?

I like the standard Cinnabon but the Caramel Pecanbon looks outstanding. Truthfully the buns are pretty big so I think getting a mini one is more than enough. They also have great coffee drinks here that are pretty much desserts. I like the Mochalatta Chill, I have not had one in a while but I remember it being awesome.

I think for my birthday next year I want a Cinnabon instead of a cake, not that I even had cake this year.


Nina said...

Cinnabon do their grocery store the canned ones

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