Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Benihana is Benny Good!

Alright I am back and what a way to begin. Happy New Year! Here is to a fun, food filled 2008.
Last week I had the pleasure of dining with some of my favorite Mediavest people at a chain I have always been dying to try....................Benihanna. Of course I have been to other hibachi places but I never tried the original mecca before. This is where the chefs cook the food in front of you.
The ambiance of this place is just what you would expect, big rooms with big hibachi tables. Now, I hope I don't seem racist but I was a bit shocked when my cook introduced himself and his name was Pedro. Hmmm, ok.
Anyway I went for lunch and got a chicken and shrimp hibachi lunch special. It was outstanding! It came with a small salad with that yummy ginger dressing. Of course the best part is the actual meal. The chicken was very flavorful and the shrimp was scrumptious. It also came with good veggies like zucchini and onions. Of the 4 veggies I actually eat, those are two of them. My favorite part of the meal was the rice, yum, yum. It was delicious fried rice. Seeing Pedro dump mounds of garlic butter on it is probably why it was so good, but whatever it looked healthy. I did not get dessert here but I did get a fabulous drink. In fact, it was the Benihanna Special Rum Punch. It was awesome and brought me back to Sophomore year of college and the Booze Cruise in the Bahamas. Any drink that can bring you back to that is worth trying.
Booyah, I am back!

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Nina said...

I love Benihanna too! I got filet mignon and shrimp and it was chef was form mexico also :)

its also pretty cheap for the amount of food you get and a fun show