Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cosi Can Be Cozy

Lately I have been having the majority of my lunches at Cosi. I was never a huge fan of Cosi but after listening to my cousin and trying their veggie and hummus sandwhich I was hooked. This is by far the best veggie and hummus sandwhich in the area. It is served on their delicious homemade flatbread and filled with hummus, cucumbers, basil (for some reason I totally love basil), and tomatoes. I of course HATE tomatoes so I get carrots instead. It is very fulfilling. You also get a choice of chips or carrots. This bothers me. I wish there was more choices like baked lays or sliced apples. That would be awesome.

I first started going to Cosi when I lived in DC. My roommate loved the square bagels. I liked the novelty of them too but now I just kind of think they are Ok and too doughy. I rather get a good NY bagel. The coffee drinks are pretty good there. They have all the standard fun coffee and tea drinks that most chain sandwhich places have. Nothing really stands out in my mind though.

Besides the hummus sandwich other sandwiches I recommend are the Tuscan Pesto Chicken, I love everything pesto so of course I pick that, and the Sesame Ginger Chicken which they claim to be on the healthy side. I get them heated up because I despise cold chicken (which actually is one of the reasons I used to not love Cosi, I did not know you can get them to heat up the chicken). I know a lot of people also really like their TBM, tomatoes basil and mozzarella sandwich but because I don't eat tomatoes it might be weird getting that.

When I am not eating the hummus sandwich I am probably getting their signature salad which is totally awesome and such a Rori salad. What does that mean??? It means it is filled with fruits and nuts and no veggies!!! The signature salad has dried cranberries, pistachio nuts, pears, grapes and gorgonzola cheese (I don't get the cheese). What is awesome about Cosi salads is that you also get a piece of their amazing hot bread in either wheat or plain. This is probably the best part of the salad experience.

Oh I also love having all the little pieces of bread that they keep in the front of the line. It is almost like a little preview of what is to come. My favorite are the people that take 10 pieces. I at least have some self control and only take about 2.

Cosi also has soups that my friend gets a lot. They look pretty good but I never had one. Another cool thing is that they have these flatbread pizzas in variety's like meatball pesto, pan asian chicken and Margarita. Again never had one, but they look really, really good. I will try one soon and let you know how they are.

Some Cosi's are fancier than others. It really depends on the location. The one in DC I used to go to kind of was a hot spot at night. I saw many a dates there. They have a dessert menu and fondue so I guess that is why. I never was taken on a date here. Probably because I am not going on some fondue date, hellz no, maybe if there was wine served too or something.


Anonymous said...

I definitely have to try Cosi. I've always been a little reluctant and to be honest most places in midtown kind of taste the same to me lately. That pesto meatball pizza sounds awesome.

Cousin said...

Cosi rocks! In DC, we used to hit up this place called XandO which later became Cosi and we would always go for the late-night dessert of smoreos. Which, if you haven't guessed are smores you make at the table and sandwich between chocolate cookies like an oreo. Delicious! My one gripe with the Cosi is that it seems like a healthier option than McDonalds but a friend showed me online that the signature salad, served as is, is worse than a Big Mac for you. Same with the TBM. It's quite sad, I know

Rori said...

Ummm yeah and I just looked the bread I like, just the bread is 270calories.

Brian said...

Ah Cosi, my favorite deli chain. Which inexplicably is not in Las Vegas. You'd think a city that boasts Carnegie and Canter delis would have Cosi. But nope. They gotta work on this.

Like Rori, I'm quite a fan of basil and pesto, which Cosi offers in abundance. Their bread is hot and tasty, and their bagels are ideal if you don't have the good fortune of being in New York.