Thursday, January 17, 2008

Puerto Rico The Shining Star of Chains

Santa was good to me this year, or maybe I was just good to myself.

I was fortunate enough to spend my Christmas in my mother's favorite play ground, Puerto Rico, the shining star. I love Puerto Rico. The people are really cool, you don't need a passport to get there, it is always warm, I can wear flip flops 24/7, get a hot tan, etc. The food in Puerto Rico is also outstanding. One thing that really stuck out in my mind was how many chain restaurants were there. It went from the low end of the chain pole all the way up to the high end stuff like Morton's. Below is a list of some of the chains that have a home in Bernie William's and Jorge Posada's hood, Puerto Rico. I think some might surprise you.

1) The Palm
2) Morton's

3) BLT Steak - ummm such a chain for sure now

4) Wendy's

5) Ponderosa

6) Burger King

7) Sizzler - this actually looked nice and was on the water

8) Hard Rock Cafe

9) Denny's - yuck

10) Ruth Chris Steakhouse - yum

11) Starbucks - had it everyday

12) Outback


Brian said...

Mostly good choices (with the exceptions of Sizzler and BK), but more importantly, where'd you get those drinks, Rori? I may have to go to PR just for that.

Rori said...

Ummm do you know me, I always have a drink.

Brian said...

That isn't news, Rori. But those particular drinks are enticing.

Cousin said...

You know I love the blog but Sizzler? Really? I'm sick just from reading about it