Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jock's and Jill's Went Up The Hill

To fetch a pint a beer that is!

I just got back from Atlanta where the only restaurant I really got the chance to eat in was a southern sports bar chain called Jock's and Jill's. I have to say the name is really catchy. It makes me laugh at least.

The interior of this place is really your typical chain sports bar. It is pretty big with a decent sized bar and sports memorabilia everywhere. My favorite was the signed Jeter and Arod Yankees Jersey. It was right next to Manny's.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give the food here 7 overall which I think is pretty fair. For appetizers we got a spinach cheese dip and buffalo shrimp. The dip was OK, kinda watery so I would not really recommend it. The buffalo shrimp though was really excellent. You can tell this place really excels in the buffalo realm which it should as it is a sports bar. For my meal I got a burger and fries and I was happy with it. The burger was soft and flavorful and the fries tasted great. It is not a top 10 burger but better than a lot of others I have had recently. Most of the other people at my table got buffalo chicken sandwiches that looked delicious and seemed to be a crowd pleaser. Other items on the menu that stuck out to me where the buffalo chicken sliders,thai lettuce wrap salad and an oriental chicken salad. Next time I am back I would like to try those.

Of course the most important thing here is the beer and they had very nice list. My boss was into trying all the local Atlanta brews. It stuck with the Corona Light. I like when bars have Corona Light, why not ya know?

Anyway, if you are in the south and need a decent sports bar definitely check this place out.

Oh I just read more about this place on their website. It was actually founded by former Atlanta Hawk players. That is pretty cool.

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