Monday, October 24, 2011

A Little Pump for Pimp

Happy Fall Everyone.  I usually hate this season because I am such a summer person but due to the fact that I have developed some sort of weirdo sun allergy in my old age I am learning to embrace the other seasons like Fall.   Fall into the Gap ( love that old commercial).  So since I am learning to love Fall I want to bring up something I that is helping me fall in love with this season and that is Pumpkin coffee.  Starbucks has had their Pumpkin Spice Lattes for a while and I always enjoyed them but I wasn't as obsessed with them as everyone else and thought they weren't worth all the calories.  A few weeks ago I noticed Dunkin Donuts was also promoting a new Pumpkin flavor.  As an expert food blogger I knew I had to try.  Well from first sip I WAS HOOKED.  My first thought was OMG, I don't even need my go to sweet and low with this bad boy.   Since I opted for the coffee and not the latte I thought oh there probably aren't that many calories in this.   I kept on drinking them, even after my weekend runs.  I made friends with the Dunkin Donuts worker in Murray Hill.  He is very nice and would ask how many miles I ran. When he was making my Iced Pumpkin Coffee with skim milk I noticed how many pumps of Pumpkin flavor he put in and it was A LOT.  Oh no I thought, there is no way this has minimal calories.  So of course I went online and looked at the nutritional information.  It isn't terrible, but it isn't good either.  As you might know, I only ingest calories through drinks if it contains alcohol.  I mean, why waste it you know.   A medium Iced Pumpkin Coffee with skim has 160 calories. Again, not terrible but 160 can add up after a while.  So my thoughts on this are it is a perfect treat.  Kinda like a tasti d lite.  Won't kill your diet but probably not something you should drink everyday.  So for now only a little pump for the non-existent pimp!

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