Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Skinny Dipping in the Cheesecake

A few weeks ago I had my weekly visit with my parents.  Sometimes I get lucky and they pick me up and take me to a joyous NJ mall.  I love that because it allows me the flexibility of having my weekend in the city but also the luxury of spending time in one of my favorite places, a mall!  I am a GREAT mall shopper. Watch out Banana Republic sale rack, I am coming.
Anyway, on my latest trip to the mall I suggested we go to Cheesecake Factory.  I hadn't been for a while and figured I could get something like brunch on a Sunday.  Well much to my surprise and glory I was introduced to their Skinnylicious menu (ugh the name sounds like something someone at a NJ mall would say).  Besides the annoying menu name, the menu is a pure delight.  It isn't just a list of five bland, boring, blah dishes like salmon and broccoli.  Instead it is a full menu of appetizers, entrees and desserts, with something for everyone!  Including Captain Picky McPicky, me!!
I went with the chicken pot stickers for my meal.  They are an appetizers so it is not a huge portion, but were quite tasty and under 500 calories!   My mom got a turkey and avocado sandwich and seemed happy with her choice.   Other items that stick out to me were the arugula salad because it contained raisins, nuts and cheese - a true Rori salad, chicken lettuce wrap tacos in 3 versions - Asian, Mediterranean and Mexican, a veggie burger, an Asian chicken salad, flatbreads, various chicken entrees with veggies and rice and of course many low calorie drinks like sangria and mojitos.  Anyone who reads this blog knows, I love my low calorie chain options so this is obviously a welcome addition!  Good job Cheesecake!!

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