Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And She's Back ...With a National List

America, rest assured, I am back.  Yes the economy might be tumbling, wars are going on, weirdos running around Wall Street but we do have two things to be happy about.  1 - My girl Amanda Knox is free 2 - I have decided to blog again.  Why you might ask?  A few reasons.  The most important one is that when I run into people who haven't seen me in a long time the first thing they ask is why haven't you updated the blog.  I always come up with some grandiose excuse like I am too busy volunteering at soup kitchens, rescuing dying puppies or sitting on my couch watching copious amounts of TV including Breaking Bad and my ultimate guilty pleasure Most Eligible Dallas (oh I am so happy Matt and Court are getting together!).  Anyway, I decided those are bad excuses so today is the day I shall blog again and one day hope to have my dream come true.  The dream you ask??? To have my blog turned into a reality show staring yours truly traveling around the world to different chain restaurants trying them out and giving my take on their offerings.  A girl can dream!
So I saw this article on Huff Po (not that I read that liberal garbage, it came up on my AOL front page) and decided to blog about it and see what everyone else thought about the list Market Force (whatever that is) published of America's Favorite Casual Chain Restaurant.   You will see many of the RorDawg faves are up there!  See, I know what I am talking about.

1) Cheesecake Factory - holla - stay tuned for my update on their skinny menu
2)  Texas Roadhouse  - Yussie
3)  Olive Garden - Eh
4)  P.F. Changs - should be higher
5)  Carrabba's - long name lot;s of repeat letters

For the rest of the list, see the link below.


Cousin said...

I would def. put Maggiano's above Carraba's but I guess it would depend on how they define casual because I'm not sure TEXAS ROADHOUSE would be in the same league. Perhaps places like HOUSTON'S and MAGGIANO'S are in higher tier?

Rori said...

I would think Houston's and Maggiano's might be a higher tier as their pricepoints are kinda high. have you ever been to a texas roadhouse?

Cousin said...

No, I don't think I've even seen one