Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting Frisky with the Frisco

There are not many chain restaurant openings that have excited me as much as the new Del Frisco's Grille in Rockefeller Center.  In fact when the chain first opened in August I made sure my family was there opening weekend (and daddy's birthday) to be amongst the first to see what our favorite steak chain had up their sleeve with their new kid sister.  I was so pleased with almost everything about Del Frisco's Grille that I have been back a few times since my initial tasting and have continued to be more than pleased.  
Del Frisco's Grille is what those in the entertainment world might call a spin-off.  Ala Melrose Place, A Different World, and the Colbert Report.   The first location is in Rock Center as previously mentioned with a second opening shortly in Dallas. 
I have been able to sample many things on the menu.  My favorites have been the delicious flat bread pizzas (roasted tomato) to eat as an appetizer and the generously portioned Prime Steak Sandwich that is filled with juicy steak cooked to your liking and hhorseradish sauce that gives a nice kick.  It is served with chips but you can easily substitute any of their sides like I did.  I went with the mashed potatoes that are of course delish!   They are buttery and or oily but worth the indulgence if you only have a few bites.  I also really enjoyed the truffle mac n cheese as a side dish but admit I haven't really met a truffle mac n cheese that I didn't like.   The cheesesteak egg rolls are a signature appetizer but I will say I am not thrilled by them.  I mean of course they are good but not amazing and if you are going to be eating a big steak meal of sorts you don't really need them.  I would get them maybe if i was just going for drinks at the bar and was in the mood for something fun after a few glasses of vino.  I also threw my bone rules out the window once and had a lollipop chicken wing that was quite tastey.  If I was able to eat something with a bone that means it had to be good.  
The Grille also offers classic Del Frisco steaks in addition to the more casual fare like sandwiches and entree salads.  I like going with the more unique options when I am dining here though.  I guess it is the novelty of it all!  With it's location in Rockefeller Center I can see this being a very cool place to go during the holiday season.  How nice will it be to sip a light Pinot Noir (that is for my Cookie), share a flat bread pizza and look at the tree.  Sounds lovely, I am sure I will be doing just that soon!!!!

Oh wait, one thing did really annoy me.  The price of their signature cocktail (THE VIP Svedka Clementine Vodka Infused with Fresh Hawaiian Pineapple) is $16 buckaroos.  I think thatis a bit much. I guess ill just stick to wine there even though I am a sucker for those vodka infused drinks.   

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