Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beanie Welcome to NY!!!

It is with great pride and joy that I announce the opening of a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in the greatest city in the world...New York!!!
Yes, one of my favorite coffee chains has finally open in this grand city.  I knew it was opening but when my roommate/friend Cookie told me she had it after a meeting last week I was beyond stoked.  This Monday I made sure to change my usual walking route to work and venture an extra avenue west so I could be one of the first people to experience the NYC Coffee Bean.   If you are not familiar with Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf it is a mainly west coast coffee house chain where Perez Hilton used to sit and blog.  See, you can become famous blogging!!!   I have hope!
Anyway, I made my way to 40th and Broadway and was surprised to see how unassuming this new branch was.  I was also surprised how empty it was.  I have to assume people just don't know about it yet.  I went kinda basic and just got a large iced coffee.  The best thing at Coffee Bean are definittly their lattes, and Iced Blended treats, even their sugar free ones but they still have a bunch of calories so I figured for a Monday just go basic and low cal.  At first sip I was transported right back to LA and all my fun times there.  Then I looked up and was brought right back to the hussel of Times Square.  Then I walked by that big Forever 21 and saw some cute sequin tops and was happy again.   To go with my coffee I also got a yummy parfait.  They have a large variety of muffins for sale too and they look smaller than the ones sold a lot of other coffee  so I assume they aren't too bad for you.  I have had the morning glory one a few times and have always enjoyed it.
I will admit, next time I go I will probably get a sugar free latte.  The coffee was good, but it ain't a latte!
Also, since I am writing about coffee I should mention that I had Starbucks today and they were giving away samples of their Caramel Brulee flavor.  UMM OMFG, that is heaven.  HEAVEN.  Also pretty solid my sis Sombs and her Keuric Pumpkin Spice Coffee.
Sorry, I had to mention that. 
But if you are in NYC and are near Times Square, go indulge, get a fun Iced Blended Coffee Bean and enjoy!  If you are not, go try that Caramel Brulee at Starbucks. You will thank me.

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